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  • Last Nov you replied to a post of mine.
    I'm doing straight coco coir in 7 gallon pots. Feeding with GH Flora Nova Bloom, koolbloom, ocassional calmag. Drain to waste. Getting excellent results with little effort.

    I have a few questions. What COCO do you use? Did you use soil prior and, if so, how did the coco change your watering cycle? Do you fertilize more or less often? Did you recycle your coco for another grow?

    We grow in 10 gal pots, use Adv Nutes, veg 60 days, and grow pretty big plants. The veg plants in coco are doing great and we want to make the soil to coco move so trying to get as much data as we can.

    Thanks........Lucy in the Pacific NorthWest
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