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    Happy New Year All

    We had a New Years joint ready to light for the celebration.. in fact we celebrated Eastern, Central. Mountain, and Pacific times..XD I ended up waking up sick..so missed the parties...but damn I was blazed all night :smoke2:
  2. Bunny

    Who watches weeds?

    I saw season one..I have season two and season three so I'll be watching those soon :D
  3. Bunny

    Hemp Art Journal

    thats random that I would be listening to space cowboy as I read that lol anyway.. great job on the necklace...totally dig your style!
  4. Bunny

    Who's Ending the Weekend on a High Note?

    I chowed on food but I was at my moms house so no cannatreats....I got a nicely packed bowl when I got home though :smoke2:
  5. Bunny

    Help with smoking

    eating brings my high down but food tastes sooo delicious when Im fried....i get paranoid sometimes but it goes away quickly when I take my mind off of it and concetrate on something else
  6. Bunny

    See You In 2 Weeks

    you can give me tips on my wild and crazy dog hahaha have fun :)
  7. Bunny

    Hemp Art Journal

    finished one looks great! Like how the other one is turning out as well. :)
  8. Bunny

    the Bong Song

    that made me laugh so hard... Im high as a kite kite kite smoking all night night night Im about to hit the bong bong bong right now in fact.
  9. Bunny

    Interesting thoughts you've had while stoned?

    but its fun to think about the endless possibilites when your stoned :laugh2:
  10. Bunny

    Cat piss

    nah, figured it was a amusing story since were talking about the different smells that you'd run across.
  11. Bunny

    Interesting thoughts you've had while stoned?

    thats what I always thought!!! lol
  12. Bunny

    Interesting thoughts you've had while stoned?

    how far space really goes.... like the end of the universe..or does it end...O_O that what kind of life is out there in other galaxies.. stuff like that
  13. Bunny

    Signifigance of 4:20

    I know 4/20 is my fav holiday :adore: and 4:20am and 4:20pm are my fav times :smoke2: we have codes for bud now a days too when we'd call our friends to see if they had any...lol
  14. Bunny

    Hemp Art Journal

    that bead is awesome looking...I like looking at beads when I go to craft places...just never see any like that
  15. Bunny

    Cat piss

    funny story.. my boyfriend and a friend of his were driving with some dank in the car..well my bf turns and says " damn...smells skunky in here..I think the bag may have busted open" his friend just laughs and turns to him saying.." man no...thats really a skunk....lol..so everytime we smell...
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