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    Welcome To Club Quadrant

    Today I scratched the soil & added in; Gaia green 284 Flowering (2 tbsp) Gaia Green Worm Castings (2 tbsp) Removed large fan leaves, popcorn nugget sites untill I was happy with it, then finished it off with some bondage & light super-cropping. No more training - LITFA & water for 3 weeks...

    Welcome To Club Quadrant


    Emmie's Organic Deep Cheese, August 2020

    Yummy blue cheese

    Emmie's Organic 10 Week Durban Poison, 2020

    Anytime Brother. ;)

    Emmie's Organic Kosher Daddy, 2020

    I love this idea Em ;) So freakin much I made you a "Cannabis Collectors Edition" Trading/Info Card ;) Just finished the front, gotta work on the info for the backside ,) If you got any nicer bud shots I could use it instead...

    Welcome To Club Quadrant

    If you have time/space grow the male for pollen and when you find your sweetheart hit her to make more regs. You will end up with lifetime of KD ,) Photos or it didn't happen hahaha

    Welcome To Club Quadrant

    Dammm man ;( maybe grow it for pollen? I'm sure you will find a sweet female in the pile of seeds ;) I'll be working on Feminized seeds at some point when I'm narrowed down the bestest pheno of Kosher Daddy ;)

    Emmie's Perpetual Vegetative Grow Room, 2020

    I've discovered this myself too the hard way. Now I keep a bucket of Nutrient rich soil & well feed microbes damp all the time, so when I need soil, its ready to make some happy plants ,)

    Welcome To Club Quadrant

    1st week into flower.
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    Welcome To Club Quadrant

    Let's make these girls wider shall we.
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    Welcome To Club Quadrant

    at some point it will allow me to grow 40+ plants lol ;)
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    I Thought Slurricane Season Was Over

    Lookin good brother
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    Welcome To Club Quadrant

    @Dusty Kiefers You got this going in your thread bro?
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    Cape Mountainside Bay Garden: Transkei Sativa Soil Grow

    Merry Christmas Carmen. Hope your well and your grow is looking great. Awsome job ;)
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    Welcome To Club Quadrant

    Super easy actually
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