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    I always remove leaves that are at least halfway damaged or totally yellow and I definitely remove scrappy small branches underneath canopy. I do this because airflow is essential for the moist climate i grow in and it focuses growth energy on more productive parts of plants.
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    AC/DC The Real Deal 20:1 CBD To THC Clone Only, Jefe's Cut

    My Ac/dc plants are already to harvest. Kept expecting them to bulk up because they are very whispy - but they just kept getting more amber so chopping tomorrow am.
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    Growing ac/dc outside

    I'm also growing ac/dc outdoors in nor cal - got my clones at PIM in Seb. Growing many other plants, sedds and clones but only my ac/dc are light green and yellowing (have been from transplant time into happy frog soil) - mostly large lower and middle leaves. None of my other plants are doing...
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    FF OC & Earth Juice general question

    just be really careful with your ph - it will go a little wacky with earth juice. I used the entire line last year, switching from gh products and had ph problems that caused nutrient lock out and consequently a lot of issues all season. Switched to nectar of the gods after that experience and...
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    Help needed on sog kandy kush 1000 watt

    i dont know why it is so hard to get responses here. Ive been growing for several years indoors and out but will be trying sea of green method for the first time next crop. Sorry no feedback for you but i am interested in how yours turns out. Sounds great, im gonna do deadhead og and then...
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    wilting in the forth week of flowering

    it seemed like a cal def to me too except i supplement cal mag and it only affected lower leaves and cal def shows up in upper leaves first. I think it may hve been humidity got too low one day, below 35 - besides jilly bean is so tempermental but she is fine now. thanks for all the feedback!
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    White flies & black knats, 7 weeks in flower

    Thanks for th reply, the colas are supported, that is not the problem, the lower part of plant is wilting and the leaves are soft and limp, however, the tops and buds are all fine. the other two plants with same light etc. are fine. Im wondering if it is strain related. jilly bean overly...
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    White flies & black knats, 7 weeks in flower

    Hi smokemupm8, I already posted this question in pest and diseases forum but then saw this thread and realized i should add tiny nats to my issue. I am not sure what damage they cause and i really have them under control, but here is my problem as i posted previously and any feed back from you...
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    wilting in the forth week of flowering

    I am a somewhat experienced grower. I have gardened for decades and have about six grows (indoor and out) under my belt. Currently, I have three plants in my flowering room; jilly bean- orange velvet x romulan x cindy99 (60sat/40ind) and two casey jones- trainwreck x orient express x ec diesel...
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    Cannabis Potency And Contamination: A Review Of The Literature

    I think the concern is how the potency, yield, flavor etc. has increased? Is it because of the advanced plant foods, bloom boosters and enchancers some growers use? May it be these synthetic chemicals could be the cause of any negative affects cannabis might have on body.
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    Too Many Mouldy Joints — Marijuana And Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis

    I think more research should be conducted on synthetic chemicals in nutrients used in growing cannabis. There could be a link to the nutrients fed to the plant that cause any adverse affects and not the plant itself??
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    Whats your plans for the next year ?

    do you grow og kushes and whats your favorite, i think i already know the sfv will not be one of my faves - so nute sensitive and whimpy
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    Whats your plans for the next year ?

    I love having a variety and will be starting the second batch of seeds in march to get ready for outdoor season. I want to find a favorite og kush strain that i can really dial in. Ive been keeping the cj's, dq and cannatonic going for a few years.
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    Miracle-Grow Enters the Medical Marijuana Market

    Im concerned about medical patients who purchase their cannabis from caregivers or dispenceries whose growers use chemicals on their crops.
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