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    Making hash out of stems

    I just needed to chime in here as I troll the hash forums. Stems: are they viable source of trichome heads? possibly yes, but you need a metric fuck-ton of them to produce anything worth noting. Some people here have brought up that you could make bubble hash with them or bho but I disagree, you...
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    The Babies

    Do you have a close friend? Brother or Sister? Perhaps romantic partner that you can trust fully, that would take care of the plants for the last couple weeks while your gone? This would be the best bet, you don't really want to harvest small immature plants that havn't reached their full...
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    Please Confirm Deficiency or Light Burn?

    Hey guys, just thought I'd reach out to the community to see whether or not you guys can confirm my problem for me. I have 3 Green House Seeds Co. White Widow (FEM) that started veg from seed around September 1st. I germinated them about 4 or 5 days before the first and waited for them to...
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    Using a dimmable 1000w ballast

    Hi, I'm curious as to how a dimmable ballast works. I have a 1000w ballast with 1000w HPS and MH Bulbs. My question is: If I want to dim down the ballast to 75% or 50% instead of running it at the full 1000w (incase temps become an issue) do I need to buy 500w or 750w bulbs? or does the ballast...
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    Is a single 1000w HPS/MH Light going to get me tagged as suspicious?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering if a 1000w HPS is enough to raise suspicion in a city, I live in a house thats been turned into apartments - the entire building runs on electric heat. This is my only concern going forward. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks~:allgood: One.
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    Pink Parvat Beta testing and Autoflower Breeding

    Re: Pink Hindu Beta Testing Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope everything is going well on your behalf. Stay green.
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    Pink Parvat Beta testing and Autoflower Breeding

    Re: Pink Hindu Beta Testing I'm in Canada and wouldn't mind giving them beans a try :) I've been browsing this site religiously for the past week but just made an account so that I could reply to this thread. I've been mainly using this site but don't know if I want to post any journals up. -C
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