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  • Just wanted to say (again, 4½ years later, lol) that I'm glad you're still visiting the forum. I hope you're still doing the Volks Grow thing - or something equally cool.

    Got a wild hair and checked - glad to see you are still an active member. Have you got any "Volksgarden/rotary" type grows going (or am I thinking of someone else)?

    Hi there,

    Here is the picture of Q1 just before harvest in April. Gives you an idea of size and shape of plant. This particular plant was a clone taken in mid Jan. So it was 77 days from clone to harvest. All outdoors too!!

    "Just curious if you did anything with the rough idea from the home made light fixtures?"

    not yet, but now that you mention it i may take another look and start working on something, as i have freed up all of my small CFL fixtures for flowering until i can afford another light. i was also at lowes yesterday wandering around and kinda thinking about lighting. the have a soft white (2700k) 65w CFL for 16$ that caught my eye... was wondering if they would work nearly as well as my 100w 6500k's do.
    i will take a look at that idea again now and will keep you updated

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