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    New Anti-Medical Marijuana Gubernatorial Candidate

    make cannabis grate agin! YeeeeHaaaaw!
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    Vape through bong?

    It works great! The bong may cool it down a bit and i can take big rips. if i use the bong, i use it without water now, and skip the one-way check valve. Most of the time, i just use the whip.
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    Vape through bong?

    I use a high temp silicone hose as a whip and it fits into my 14mm bong. The one-way check valve prevents bong water from backing up into my electronics. See website for links. Kenny Bosem: Whip
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    To Vape, or not to Vape

    You're welcome. You can filter the side-effects and select remedies by clicking the button at the top with the same name. For example, i selected "Sedative". It came back with the following results and sedation starts around 365F/185C. I usually just smoke sativas during the day. I start around...
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    To Vape, or not to Vape

    190C is great, but i would start out around 350F/176C and work your way up to 400F/204C as the session gets longer to release the array of therapeutic the compounds. I use the following temps in my mighty and cfx: 360F - 400F 182C - 204C The point THC is released starts at 314F/156C Check out...
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    What's your fav vaporizer?

    my all-time favorite vape is the S&B Mighty and in second place is the budget friendly Boundless CFX, they're the best performing vapes in my own opinion, i hope 2019 spawns a portable induction unit.
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    How do I delete part of a thread

    I think there is no way for you to directly delete your own post; but, if you go to the post or media and click the report button/link, and it will contact moderator to remove the content. Hope you get it worked out... v down here
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    Strain for autism

    it may be a smart idea to start with a low dosage; and, then go up in small increments until the right target is found.. For best results; a micro-dose (5mg CBD) of concentrate (3 drops) for "extra strength" or (2 drops) for "original formula", or (1 squirt - 1/2 mL) of the non-concentrated...
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    Strain for autism

    Doing some google research on the Endocannabinoid system we can see CBD helps regulate and control many diseases not just mask the symptoms. Most cannabinoid receptors can be found in the brain and so it may have the potential to greatly enhance mental health. Whatever brand is choosen; be sure...
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    Strain for autism

    I have been researching different CBD products for my daily wellness. I don't know if there is a specific strain for autism as long as the CBD potency is 10mg, 20mg, 40mg or more per dropper. Clinical trials you may read online may have high dosages, such as, 100mg per dose x 1000mg per day. I...
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    Comment by 'Cantibliss' in media 'Zamaldelica'

    Looks nice and keep up the good work!
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    Comment by 'Cantibliss' in media 'Zamaldelica'

    What hardware/software do you use for macro photography? Please provide link if possible. Thanks bud!
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    Pet meds

    Great! The safest way is to make your own. A little CBD is safe for dogs, but not THC.
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    Caution with dogs

    Important: Don't give dogs THC, use high CBD oil instead. For some reason, they go crazy with THC and it makes them sick. My dog was suddenly sickened by flea and tick repellent. His coat became brittle and dry, he lost his coordination and his energy. 10 little drops of CBD oil a day in his...
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    THC Oil

    Its much cheaper to make your own, and its not that hard with the MBM. This is how to make a great batch of tincture using the Magical Butter Machine (MBM2): This tincture can be used for oral sublingual as well as in a vape mod (+PG). Flower strength should be at least 15% to 25% THC. Note...
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