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    Eagle seeds a good company?

    I have never heard of eagle seeds. Hopefully someone here has ordered from them. I have used greenhouse, nirvana sativa, sensi, and barney's. They all have worked well fro me. Good luck! CGs
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    Edibles and Crohns?

    Hmmm....all i can think of is finding out what strain was used when it worked for you that one time. Also ask about the recipe too. I hope you find the releif you are looking for. CGs
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    why is my ph climbing so fast? is it normal?

    Not all nutes will lower you PH. Some of my soup actually raises it....so one would think that all depends on one's soup and environment. Remember if you use chemical nutes...such as most of us hydro growers use....then they become unbalanced overtime. If I didnt wash my rocks before starting...
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    Edibles and Crohns?

    Hello LisaT, I have 2 patients that have crohn's. They both use the smoking method of medicating themselves. I have offered edibles and they both have declined stating that it's easier to control thier symptons through smoking. Doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it. Hope you find...
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    Can i wipe off residue?

    Suggestion: Unplug your ballast before going anywhere near that bulb with any sort of chemical. And def wait until it is completely cool. I would say wait at least an hour after lights off cycle. Cgs
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    I don't normally grow with soil (I'm a hydro guy), but with the info you have provided and what little knowledge I have of soil growing, I would venture to say that you over-ferted them. I thought you were only suppose to feed them every 3 waterings? Again I am not an expert on this technique...
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    why is my ph climbing so fast? is it normal?

    I agree with TSoul. The "leftover" salts are more than likely to cause a PH lockout than mess with your PH. After I harvest all my plants, I normally run it with some white vinegar for a couple days. Vinegar works wonders on salt build up. You have to flush out your system really well before...
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    Help - ID This Plant

    Re: Help...id this plant Maybe a Romulan strain or pink kush...I really like the color! CGs
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    Yellowed, and now some spots

    Hello Jandre2k3, I looked through your posts and didn't find an answer. Maybe just had a little too much medicine. :tokin: What is the size of your resevior? When I started my first hydro grow, my first and biggest mistake was the reso was way too small. After increasing the tank the...
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    why is my ph climbing so fast? is it normal?

    Hello jjames, First off lemme say that in order to give you a more accuate diagnosis, I need all the stats. What line of nutes? what kind of water? tap or R/O? room size, water tempature? all the way down the the nitty gritty details. You can't expect a good answer with such little...
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    pH fluctuating! Help!

    Hello, From the little information you have provided, I have to say your water tempature is a little too high. I try to keep my water under 70 degrees. If the water is warm, then algae will start to grow in the tank. Algae causes the PH to climb. Try bringing down your water tempature and...
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    I have little gnats flying around the bottom of my girls?

    Re: I have little gnats flying around the bottom of my girls?? Tyry those sticky fly traps. If they are gnats then that should take care of those suckers. CGs
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    Please help

    Looks like nute burn to me....I would flush it then just water for a week or two. Cgs
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    Making brwnies with Cannabutter. Help please!

    Thanks! Guess I don't have a good cooking thumb. CGs
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    Making brwnies with Cannabutter. Help please!

    Hi Sublime, Was curious what method you used to make your cannabutter? I have made some cannabutter in the past without too much success. Cgs
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