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    My Very First Grow - Advice Welcome!

    hey man! nice grow and i like pineapple express strain, subbed!
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    ICE Strain Grown in FFOF Soil with CFL Lights

    Nice buds mate :thumb:, im a bit late but hope you dont mind me watching your grow :nomo:
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    Knights 1st Grow - Sour Diesel & Kosher Kush

    hey man, just found your journal, i have had same problem with one of my plants in my current grow, first i was adjusting water's ph as well and got it to the point of normal numbers 5.8-6.5 soil, but she was not giving this disease up, new leaves kept turning brown-spotted so i just start...
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    KingJohnC's 400 Watt LA Confidential Seed Cabinet Soil Indoor Grow Journal

    Great setup and strain KingJohnC, cant wait to see that girl growing, Im subbed! :peace:
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    Invi's Second Attempt - Some Classic Strains

    Im a noob but from what Ive seen from other journals it seems like you still have some clear trichs, only few ambers, and rest are cloudy, I would let them be until they half cloudy half amber
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    Invi's Second Attempt - Some Classic Strains

    :adore: Those buds are huge and beautiful Invi!!! cant wait to see them all trimmed, and smoke report of course :tokin: looks tastey :thumb:
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    Carterhkrs' First Indoor Soil Grow - Blue Mystic, Northern Lights - 2013

    Thanx for your reply KingJohn There is only one plant who struggles the most - Blue Mystic plant (the one that has brown spots and temp scale in the pot) So far all the leaves get brown spots when they get older, new grow seem to be doing fine :wood: All other plants are NL and they are...
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    Carterhkrs' First Indoor Soil Grow - Blue Mystic, Northern Lights - 2013

    Sorry for not updating more often, Im kind of swamped with some serious issues in my life right now :17: My big lady who i thought was Blue Mystic strain turned out to be Northern Lights :) As there are 3 plants that look alike and only one which has different leaf "structure" and brighter...
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