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    Weird leaf coloring?

    Have new 900 w led lights in 5x5 tent. My leaves turn yellow with like green veins going thru them. It starts with plants very tips getting white or brown. Then side points on leaves get white like power on them. Leaves look like they have white going on in the leaves color. Then fan leaves...
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    Possible to have too much light?

    [HELP} Question about led lights. I use t5 lights for veg with couple of u/v tubes mixed in. Plants look green and great. But when I put plants under my new Leds. The leaves turn yellow and leave green veins in leaf. Lights are 18 in above plants. I just put some cal-mag in 1st week of being...
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    Urgent - Which soilless mix to choose? What ratio?

    Maybe someone can help. Why not just buy like fox farm potting soil which feeds plants for a month or two anyway. Then add like roots organic 3 pack to water feed. Then add more of the bloom feed in flowering. What happen to simple easy indoor soils like this. The plant can only uptake so much...
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    Prospective Caregiver looking for some info

    Nothing yet for dispensary's , but their are delivery's out their. Were suppose to get free meds here at some point also. We see how messed up things are. Save the planet. Better start now! Ya right. I'm still driving and wasting fuel etc to see my doctor and we don't have a dispensary yet...
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    Help needed for lighting 5x 5 tent

    Wow Money money. Try the newer bigger LED'S with 11 -12 spectrum. They run for 1/2 the price, work great, plants do a lot better. I read the reviews. Check them out. Great company,light last for 5 plus years. Comes with a 5 year warrenty. Runs cooler and has small fans built in. Advanced...
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    What Range Should I Maintain For My Growroom Humidity & Temperature?

    They also have these plastic containers that when opened up collect moisture. They use them in houses with a lot of dampness. Just one cost like $2.00. You wouldn't believe how good they work. When full of water. Throw away.
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    Anyone ever use Dr. Earth?

    I like it. Drains well and plants love it. I add roots organic's bloom and grow dry to top of soil. Love the soil. $8.00 for a med bag
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    Prospective Caregiver looking for some info

    You can find people with medical cards at a primary care doctors office. Start up a conversation about smoke. Wear a tee shirt with smoke on it. Make sure no kids are around. How many people do you need or want to help? You need a lot of different smoke to support a couple friends I would...
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    Prospective Caregiver looking for some info

    Do you have a address or web site so everyone can get the forms. My brother and myself both have medical cards and I know a lot of medical people who need help.
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    Cape Cod doctors are still refusing MMJ

    These doctors are afraid of losing their government funds. I though our medical was private. Then who is to really know what we take or don't take? I guess Marijuana is the only problem drug in the doctors tool box. People use this drug to get off harder drugs. Harder drugs come from our...
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    Cape Cod doctors are still refusing MMJ

    This is what I heard. I thought a high up government man got a permit to grown on his site. But I guess the permit was for hydro and he wanted soil. Soil takes up more space I'm guessing and permit needed more room. I don't really know!!! Cross your tee's and dot your I's! I was told this by a...
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    Snow family bud

    Wish it was a better picture.
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    Some buds?

  14. snow ??

    snow ??

  15. double buds

    double buds

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