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    Plugs/electric/extention leads?

    I have of a double socket outlet an extension lead with 2 outlets at the other end witch has my water feeder in one and a 4 way extension lead in the other and on the 4 way is a radiator constantly on my 600 w light my water heater and my extraction fan I'm thinking that this might cause a fire...
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    Help! Leaves are curling at tips!

    What is working1/2 1/4 mutes I have no clue at all lol sorry for Beeing so thick :(
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    Help! Leaves are curling at tips!

    Thanks a bunch notoriousBOB it's cool I don't mind the schooling to be fair I think I need it lol, next time I flush I'll make sure I concentrate on the temps and try get some guardian angel. As for the temprature of the room, it Varies from day to day and as I'm moving them to an out house soon...
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    Help! Leaves are curling at tips!

    How do I look at the roots without disturbing the plant? And I'm feeding exactly what it says on the bottle, saying that though I'm on a 60 l tank that normally fits 8 but I've only got 4 would that make a diffrence ? And the light is about 6-8 inches away from the tallest one and yes on a 400w...
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    Help! Leaves are curling at tips!

    Do you think it could be anything else or would you say this was the only problem I have a humidity meter on the way with built in temp I'll check this soon as it comes and get back to you Thankyou for your reply :)
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    Help! Leaves are curling at tips!

    Between 15-17 degrees in the room around it I haven't yet checked at the top of the plant and I don't know the humidity but there is a constant fan on it doesn't seem muggy in there at all how could I check this ? Thankyou
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    Help! Leaves are curling at tips!

    Hi I am a beginner to all of this and don't know very much so I thought I'd ask on here , I'm on a 60L Wilma system 4 plants on rock wool and clay pebbles, on one 400w bulb feeding about 3 times a day I'm using canna vega nutes and I put them in the tank once a week when flushing, the ph is...
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