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    Auto watering

    I did, because I really wanted to know. Thanks gr0w, very good info.
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    Just Dropping In Showing A Grow

    This is what I use. I am quite new though. Maybe someone else can chime in. If this is you strain, it sure sounds interesting. Good luck with your grow. en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Ultraviolence/Cult_Classics_Seeds/
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    New Room - New Medium - New Strains - 425 At It Again

    Thanks. Try something a little different.
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    New Room - New Medium - New Strains - 425 At It Again

    Where do you get those watering rings?
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    420 Magazine's Grow Journal of the Month: September 2017

    You are the man... Have read much of your stuff. Prepping for 2nd grow. Congrats... very much deserved.
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    3G's Sponsored NukeHead Grow

    If you don't mind, I'd like to pull up a chair and sit on floor, they say the prices are free, so pay at the door. I'm in...
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    Transplanted - Potted plants - Leaves white & almost dusty - Help

    I believe jungalist is correct. I had the same issue my 1st grow. Looks identical. Mine was due to high humidity and poor circulation. I sprayed them down with water and corrected the issues.
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    Need help with Snow White auto

    What is the temerature? Do you have air movement? How far is the light away from her? What nute line and what is a light feed, 1/4 , 1/2 strength?
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    Where To Buy Seeds In The USA With Fast Shipping? NukeHeads!

    I have been following this site for a long time, recently signed up and getting ready for my second grow. To me, it sounds like this person convinvincing themselves about all this software engineering mumbo jumbo, should already be qualified to take care of me. Cure cancer, get rid of chemo and...
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    Frost Factory - Show me your glands!

    Ohhh sweet nectar
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    Problem with droopy plants

    Put them in their final homes and they will flourish.
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    2 x Blue Mystic Auto's - One In A Space Bucket - One In A Grow Box

    Get your lights about six inches away from the tops. Put your hand between the light and plant to see if it is hot. You will know quickly if it is too hot.Adjust it accordingly after that. I too am new but learned this early on. Thanks for serving. Good luck with your grow.
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    Small Backyard Garden With Various Strains & Methods & More

    re: Small Backyard Garden With Various Strains & Methods & More Nice. Oh sweet nectar...
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    Frustrated new grower

    I am new to all of this maneuvering in a forum thing, that frustrates me, but that is on me. I've learned to do a lot of reading and noticed that it helps being in the right area. My next grow I will do a journal, that's where it's at. It is human nature to want a reponse when one asks a...
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    Calcium versus Magnesium deficiency

    Saibot - You mentioned pest strips hanging... Are these not good to have? I have managed to keep out everything except these big annoying flies. Getting room ready for my 2nd grow and I'm reading a lot to try and avoid many noob mistakes already made. Sorry to jump in. Thanks.
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