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    Female or male?

    Yes Or be patient and you will know for sure
  2. Chris Scorpio

    Brown Root Question

    I like GH Flora Trio, what I use But it still can get gunky if not mixed right
  3. Chris Scorpio

    Questions about HLG 260W RSPEC LED

    I'd get 2 if you can...can dim em down a smig if needed Love my QB lights a d very Interested in trying the new ones with red strips
  4. Chris Scorpio

    Brown Root Question

    What I do I use a bubbler in my bucket Add the trio 1st. Add one...mix for 10min, then 2nd and 3rd, same mix for each Then add the hydroguard, mix pH it...rock and roll
  5. Chris Scorpio

    Questions about HLG 260W RSPEC LED

    Let's see..... 1.... Similar, the QB will have better penetration but the hps will have better coverage 2...yes cooler than a 400w, and No, 2 QBs will be cooler than a 600w..well assuming the hps are in a ducted hood, if not, WAY COOLER 3... 2 would be great, as long as u can dim them if...
  6. Chris Scorpio

    Brown Root Question

    How are u adding the nutes, as in Mixing, order ect What additional nutes u using a d order of adding them all What % of manuf strength are u using Any enzymes cleaner like hydroguard or z7
  7. Chris Scorpio

    Email security question/worry

    @Teddy Edwards can answer this for u But yer safe for the short answer
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    The Legion of Doob: Perpetual Chaos

    Neither have I, but may try it with the kief squish since it's really fluid at press time I love the dabs in my dab pen, never smoked it any other way yet, works great in the pen I take small hits and never cough at all
  9. Chris Scorpio

    Scorpio's Cavalcade Of Horrors With Hempy, Genetics, Perpetual & Much Much More

    So hit the kief squish last night, two hits Like Doob said, not as back of throut harsh as flower squish, different taste, need more taste testing For sure was a strong high.. I was already tired and a few beers in so may try a hit today to see how it is I like it for sure
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    Odd Growth, No flowers.

    That pic is flowering Just give it time
  11. Chris Scorpio

    6 weeks of flower for my little girl

    Strange looking pics indeed
  12. Chris Scorpio

    Semi Newbie First LED Grow with coco

    What's yer water pH, don't see it mentioned I started right away with 1/4 strength nutes watered daily So sooner the better to get them rolling correctly
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    Clrwatrtom's 1st Grow

    So did u take like 10 pics and pic the best, or just two Practice taking pics..take 40 Determine how YOU take the best Macro Delay Tripod or braced Etc etc etc Find the best focus...that's yer biggest issue. Maybe a bigger field if view Play with it, watch YouTube on yer camera Get new...
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    Closet Farming With Barney's Gorilla Zkittlez, G13 Haze, Triple Cheese & More

    Making seeds is easy Impregnating the entire county is too....lol But can be very simple with a small dedicated quarantine spot, for sts anyways Or Get a male, move it to the patio, get pollen, cull him, store pollen in the freezer Easy peasy
  15. Chris Scorpio

    Clrwatrtom's 1st Grow

    Yup 1T is the ticket, or a splash more
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