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    Sour Diesels harvest ready?

    i started flushing already. there at one week of flush right now maybe a little more. they shld have one more week of flick left. it said this plant is a 70 day flower. what does it mean for the leaves to be doing what there doing is it bad? shld i habevest now it seems to be killing the sugar...
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    Sour Diesels harvest ready?

    one of my plants seems like the sugar leafs are getting crispy and the die from the outside to the inside on the plant. the outside will. e brown and crisp and the closer u go in the greener it is. i'm on day 63 of flower. and the tricomes are mostly cloudy with very few amber. might be no amber...
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    Sour Diesel Harvest

    ok thanks ya that helps i think i'm going to follow you advice and just wait till i don't see any clear tricromes. bc clear tricromes are a waist correct since they don't have any thc in them?
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    Sour Diesel Harvest

    ok thanks so what do u look for 50% cloudy 50% amber?
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    Sour Diesels harvest ready?

    thanks a lot for your imput this is my first grow. and ok i just started my flush yesterday so wel see if there ready to come down in two weeks from now. ya and that's the same high i want i want a little of both like you say a middle ground. so does that mean i want to harvest at 50% amber and...
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    Sour Diesels harvest ready?

    ya so my plant looks done by pistols but i still got a bit longer with the tricomes is what your saying?
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    Sour Diesels harvest ready?

    Re: sour diesels harvest ready?! ok my the looks of my pics with the microscope you think i will have about 50% amber in two weeks by looking at my close up pics?thanks for your help.
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    Sour Diesels harvest ready?

    are these sour diesels ready for harvest. or can i wait two more weeks so i can properly flush them.
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