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    DEA To FDA: Consider Looser Marijuana Restrictions

    I know because there are no scientific/medical studies showing cannabis has medical values.
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    Seedsman Hawaiian Skunk Haze - Herbies Freebies In Coco With Coco Compost & Worms

    It took me a few minutes to figure out what was at the base of all your plants, copper for slugs and snails? Great thread so far. I was initially thinking of some kinda trap for anyone trying to rip them. Lol.
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    NY Medical Marijuana Bill Gives Broad Authority To Department Of Health

    And the federal government sits on there hands doing nothing. It needs to be taken off the controlled substances list with no medical use. To hell with New York too. They legalized non smokable forms and it's to be run by the same group of people who accomplish nothing regularly and barely work...
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    Florida - Charlotte's Web 101: Medical Marijuana And You

    New York has just passed a similar piece of legislation. The list of conditions and diseases is bigger but it can't be smoked and the government has there sticky little fingers at every step of the way. As far as I know no details on the specifics have been released but it's not going to help...
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    Mississippi - Home To The Feds' Official Stash Of Marijuana

    Wow. I don't know where to start. One I never in my life heard of anyone going to the hospital after smoking any type of cannabis. I'm sure it may happen from time to time but I've never heard or seen it. Two with the hundreds of scientific reports out there proving cannabis helps certain...
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    Supercropping - a tutorial

    Okay good info but a quick question. I've heard it explained that before super cropping it's an old dirt road and afterwards it's a super highway I don't understand how super cropping as it's explained here helps. Where you do it a large knot will form making a "super highway" and things move...
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    AG Says State 'Has Not Simply Legalized Marijuana' For Medical, Recreational Use

    Wow and the bullshit gets deeper. I bet he's going to have a hard time finding a job after this. Fucking politicians and corporations.
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    1st Grow Cabinet

    Corona: I'm no expert, but the first questions I'd be asking myself would be: 1. How will I light-proof the compartments from each other (obviously critical if you have grow and veg happening inside the same box. To be honest, I would've gone with two smaller boxes instead of one huge one) 2...
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    1st Grow Cabinet

    I recently purchased a Closetmaid cabinet. It's dimensions are 71.75"H x 48"W x 20.50D. Here's a link with a pic. http://www.closetmaid.com/PublishingImages/ClosetMaid/ProductCatalogImages/Alternate/1233600_alt.jpg I'm looking for feedback on how others might set this cabinet up? The fixed...
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    1st Grow Cabinet

    That is a sweet and very clean setup you have there. Very nice.
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    1st Grow Cabinet

    Yeah I started out with a 150 watt hps in my first cab which is a closetmaid cabinet. Dimensions are 2'Wx1'Dx5'H. I have a 4" ventech 190cfm fan with carbon filter. I just have a 4 inch hole on the top left of the cabinet with the fan sucking the hot air out and blowing into the filter. Before...
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    1st Grow Cabinet

    I just bought the same cabinet myself from Home Depot and am in the process of setting it up. This will be my second cabinet. I know this thread is old but why would anyone pay for a cfl and reflector for $80 when you could get a 150 watt hps complete setup for a little less?
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    Yellowing Leaves and Possibly Black Necrotic Spots.

    Thanks for the response. I ended up leaching both plants and it made all the difference in the world. Initially I was thinking nitrogen deficiency but the problem worsened when I upped the nutrients. I had just transplanted both into there final 2 gallon pots and there are no roots coming out...
  14. Monster Cropped Trainwreck

    Monster Cropped Trainwreck

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    Yellowing Leaves and Possibly Black Necrotic Spots.

    This is my Second Grow and I believe I may have more than one issue. My lower leaves are yellowing with black spots/marks. They sometimes turn light brown, crinkle up and fall off. Others I just put the littlest amount of pressure and they fall right off. As well it seems to be moving up the...
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