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    I think I have some serious issues - Please help!

    so if i lay off the water and next time change to your style, do you think the first 3 can be saved? the newer ones are already bigger than the first 3, so i hope they are ok. but i wonder if these, being auto flowering will be dwarves and never really amount to much? the first set started to...
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    I think I have some serious issues - Please help!

    hi, thanks for the replies. the cups do all have holes in the bottom. the reason they are soaking is that they were literally fed and photographed. i used a standard soak the soil until a bit of water comes out the bottom technique and these have been getting water every 2-3 days. as for...
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    I think I have some serious issues - Please help!

    greetings! i am just into my second set and i am having what i feel are going to be some (ongoing) horrible problems. i dropped 4 crop king auto NORTHERN LIGHTS and 2 crop king fem WHITE COOKIES to germ and all 6 of them sprouted, but the 2 WC were a couple of days behind. that was on...
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    Cylob's - Indoor - CK White Cookies - Grow Journal - 2016

    i couldn't just leave you hangin' here's some pics of CAMILLE : :volcano-smiley: :cheer2: :thanks:
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