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    Solo Cup Comp: Bring It!

    This looks like fun.. any container with a solo cups worth of medium? @canad420 I already like where this is going.
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    JuStlcE's First Grow - DWC - LED - Casey Jones

    How's she doing? Any new pics?
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    Drcannabi's KIS Organics Recycled Soil - HSO Loast Coast OG - LED Grow

    This is gonna be fire. Loved your last grow. Those ogr beans are difficult to track down these days. I'm still searching...
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    Hydro RDWC - Dr. Krippling's Puff Puff Passout - Advanced LED 350 XML

    Sup bama! Here we go again. You are a bit ahead of me this round. Gonna head over and check how pop and tut finished. Hope all is well my dude.
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    HSO 707 Headband Twins AKA Sweatband

    The mutant half of the sweatband twin is standing back up erect. It's strange, the taller one is clearly a a typical dicot with 2 cotyledons and the second only has one cotyledon or embryonic leaf. I thought I might have to perform surgery but things have really turned around for the better 48...
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    HSO 707 Headband Twins AKA Sweatband

    It's actually not looking as good today as she was last night. Still hanging in there. I'm in 1m x 1m tent. 400 watt hps for flower. You can see set up in journal in sig. I will be using that same tent and equipment. I'm trying to get away from dwc. Thinking recirculating Cap'n style.
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    HSO 707 Headband Twins AKA Sweatband

    Welcome glimmer! I'm a big fan of your work. I hope she 2x as frosty too!!!
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    HSO 707 Headband Twins AKA Sweatband

    @TheNarrator, yes man one seed two stalks. Thanks for stopping by. Pretty crazy, got home at 3am this morn and 3 were up. Raised my humidity by covering with a dome and came back an hour later and the 4th seedling had shot an inch above surface and the 2nd 707 headband was as seen in picture...
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    HSO 707 Headband Twins AKA Sweatband

    I had all intentions of continuing to be a 420mag lurker, just stay in the shadows. Then this happened and I thought the community would enjoy it. These were freebies from a non sponsored seed bank. No clue where this is gonna go. Medium? Style? All I know is that I will try my best to...
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    JuStlcE's First Grow - DWC - LED - Casey Jones

    Yeah justice I would strip the bottom 2/3 of the plant. The energy will go into your main colas instead of being sucked up by what would be popcorn.
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    JuStlcE's First Grow - DWC - LED - Casey Jones

    Keep knocking her down man. It should be done really soon if she hasn't already stopped. Going to want to remove a lot of lower bullshit. I took a lot but I should've taken more. I got a great yield but not the density I was aiming for. She looks great and should produce heavily.
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    420 Magazine's Member of the Month: October 2015

    I stand by my nomination for OMU. THE DUDE ANALYZED MY CITIES ANNUAL WATER QUALITY REPORT. Who does that? OldMedUser that's who.
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    First Grow - Casey Jones - DWC - SCROG - Ice Probe Thermoelectric Chiller

    Thanks Bama! Dry weight is 301 grams. Each quart jar has an oz + the 21g's I already pulled. My RH is so low and they dried so fast, about 48 hrs. Wasn't around to jeep a close enough eye. Real job got in the way. Looking into bovita packs. Hoping they feel a little more dank after being...
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