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    Parts of nugs slightly molded. Is it ok to smoke?

    Mold - Eww and bad. I'd throw that stuff out. It must of been badly dried/cured. Then again, you can always chuck the moldy pieces off and smoke it, the fire and heat should get ride of the bad crap. But I wouldn't have at it.
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    Smell while smoking a joint/blunt?

    I went thru that during college and never had a problem with it. Open the window, smoke not to far from it and from the opposite side of the room have a fan blowing, this way you'll get a constant air circulation. Incense is definitely a good thing, you can also light a candle for a little...
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    The redneck birthday gift

    Haha, nice one, I liked that one ;)
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    Host Move Complete - 420 Servers Safe and Sound!

    Right on! It took months and a lot of hard work, congrats for finally making it happen! :ganjamon:
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    After 2 Weeks in Cali

    Yeah, I just got here not to long ago and I gotta agree that CA has some of the best weed I've ever come across.
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    Medical questions.

    Really? That's interesting. Do you have more info/documentation regarding this? Btw, welcome kingxcore! And yes, I do believe that you would qualify.
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    I love marijuana.

    Right on my friend, I fully understand where you are coming from. Cannabis is a wonderful plant, you don't need to smoke it everyday to realize that. The are so many more great aspects to it then the flower getting you high.
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    1er Francais

    A couple of my friends are French and they've mentionned to me that the hash over there was pretty good and fairly popular. Some of it is imported from Morocco as well as other african countries. I'm sure Norrin will be able to tell us more ;)
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    1er Francais

    Salut Norrin, tu es peux etre le premier Francais, mais pas le premier qui parle la langue! ;) En passant, bienvenue parmi nous. Je suis certaine que tu vas bien aime ca, tu vas voir, il y a beaucoup d'information qui te seront utile d'une maniere ou d'une autre! J'ai ete quelques fois en...
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    I have weed but I can't smoke it!

    Don't worry dude, concentrate on what needs to be done right now, time will pass faster and next thing you know it'll be Friday!
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    Comment by 'DaHui' in media 'DSCF0197'

    Holy crap that's some sexy weed!
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    Where do you toke?

    Right on. :smoke2:
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    Bongs v Steamrollers v Bubblers

    If you want something to just sit on the coffee table then you need a bong. You'll use it to get high and it'll just plain old look good out there ;) For ideas on different bongs that you can get, check out some of our sponsors - 420 Magazine - Sponsors : WellCoolStuff.com :: Home - Cannabis...
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