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    How would you build a grow for only $1,200?

    what kind of grow would you set up if you only had 1,200 to spend and thats for everything ph and ppm testers nutrients and lighting a tent if thats what you would do this is what ive come up with so far. 118x60x78 inch Mylar Reflective Aluminum Frame Grow Tent Room 299.99 Go Box Starter...
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    Low budget way to get rid of weed odor

    ive never thought of that i have hung an old potato sack around the room with some coal but never thought of doing it in the bag itself let us know if it helps the odor and did you try to break up the coals so that it can hit more surface area of coal....Stay Smoked Out 4 Life
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    can someone please tell me if my weed plant growing normal?

    it needs some mag but other then that it looks ok your internode structure is spaced out a but but that could just be the strain also....Stay Smoked Out 4 Life ps: watch that black plastic in the background black like to cause nasty stuff to happen besides making your grow even hotter
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    My First Journal Entry

    well im glad that i figured out how to do this i wasnt sure if i would but i got it so its all good just wanted to introduce myself i love the site it gives you a lot of knowleage and helpful resourses and im glad that i can start to help people out and that they can help me i am new to growing...
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    wasup everyone

    how do i do that and how do i post a regular post and not a blog
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    wasup everyone

    hows it going everyone im on here just trying to find and meet new people who love this amazing plant as much as i do and who can teach me new things or that i can teach them so looking forward to it....Stay Smoked Out 4 Life
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