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    We The People: Petition To Legalize Marijuana

    To the people who want to see Cannabis 'legalized'/regulated by our government. You really need to understand what you're asking for. Don't just run out and vote yes because you want smoke a doob on the street. You people need to realize why corperations like Monsanto, along with Big Pharma are...
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    What pest is this

    Re: Wat pest is this You're asking the same question over and over, yet you still don't provide us with any information about your grow. Good luck with that.
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    Need to identify my problem

    Re: Need to identify my bproblem We need more info. What is your medium? What size pots are they in? What nutrients are you using? Stuff like that... I have to agree with GodSpeed, she looks over watered and possibly root bound.
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    Yellowing leaves

    "Am I missing something???" Yes, pictures.
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    Really red stems and red streaks on the main stock?

    What happened to all of her water leaves? =/
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    Blue Hash, Yellow/Brown Spots - Help needed

    Re: Blue Hash, Yellow/Brown Spots. Help needed. She looks happy. What chu trippin' on?
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    Super Silver Haze

    Well shucks... I'm in the South Bay of So Cal so this won't work out. The clinics around here charge an arm and a leg. Ounces range from $360 to $440. Shit's insane.
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    Super Silver Haze

    190 an ounce? I live in SoCal California and I am a MMJ patient... Where can I get this deal?
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    Ok, pick me a strain!

    Re: Ok, pick me a strain!! Kandy Kush by Reserva Privada. Super Silver Haze.
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    Advice/Help Relocating to Denver, Please

    I the hear bacon in denver taste really good. :;):
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    Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix

    Re: Miracle-Gro® Organic Choice® Potting Mix 30/30 Fox Farms Ocean Forrest/Roots Organic 707 and 40% perlite. You'll never have moisture/drain problems. Plants love this mix.
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    Hermes. need answers fast. sorry

    First you need to take them out of the room. Once they're out you can inspect them. If it looks like none of the pods have busted open then you can pluck them. No matter what you do, if you return them to the flower room you run the risk of it happening again and worse, you run the risk of it...
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    Hermes. need answers fast. sorry

    Don't touch the sacks! Take them out of the flower room ASAP! You can decide what you want to do with them once they're out of the flower room. I repeat don't fuck with the sacks while they're in the flower room!
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    Which is Best? Hydroponic or Soil?

    "but if you dont want to make it difficult you can just throw a clone in soil and water it every other day and its as simple as that" - This has got to be the dumbest comment that I have ever read. Yeah, it looks like you just threw a clone in soil. So your agreeing with me that your...
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    Virgin Grower - Badboy Lights - Fox Farms - LST - Nirvana Seed

    Re: Virgin grower. Using Badboy lights, Fox Farms, LST, and Nirvana seed Why are the drain balls on top of the soil? They should be at the bottoms of the pots... They're used to give the pots better drainage and they also stop roots from growing out of the drain holes. Plants look great. Keep...
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