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    A question.

    what do you mean broke up the ground real good? how good was your harvest (How many OZs per plant, how many plants growed to be females etc.)
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    A question.

    Do I have to grow the plants till there 8"-12" in before I take them to the place where they will grow in the ground? I would really much prefer keeping the seed and the plant in the one spot I am going to grow the whole thing at. Also I have 15 seeds of baisically swag bagseed. How much...
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    How to pass urine test in less than a week

    buy a 24 pack of water. pace yourself, and drink 12 of them. thats a water every day. repeat the process. you will need 4 24 packs in all. btw you will be having to go to the bathroom.... alot.
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    what is everyones favorite smoking method?

    my double rolled dank spliffs are the best.
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    joint rolling practice.

    im a smoker on a budget ($100 or less a week). I get alot of practice, but I want more practice rolling blunts and rolling joints. so i wanna get some tobacco to practice with. so how much does some cost? I wanna spend $10... Max.
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    Weed Music

    YouTube - Hits From The Bong
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    NYC Sour Diesel

    Sour D and NYCD are two seperate strains. NYCD is supposed to be a little more dank and more expensive. Ive never tried it. Ive had sour D before tho and it freekin rocked my world. Excellent bud.
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    Sen Dog of Cypress Hill

    Sen Dog is the man. I bump Cypress every single day.
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    200 Celebrities/Famous People Who Smoke Pot

    Does Kevin Eubanks from Tonight show with Jay Leno smoke? Jays always hinting at him blazing, and he looks stoned most of the time.
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    Best deal?

    Damn... Thats some dream shit man.
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    Best deal?

    i had a friend who moved pounds that used to throw me some really dank light green stuff (dont know name) completely smothered in orange hairs. had such a strong oder that i would have to quadriple bag it if i was taking it anywhere. soon as i opened the ziplock, you would smell it accross the...
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    What are you paying for an ounce?

    i get an oz of reg for $50-$60.
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    im so excited.

    i was in outer space. :439:
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    im so excited.

    i went to the local headshop. they had a few different kinds. i got the normal joint size zig zag brand roller, and it works like magic. ppl have been telling me my joints are better rolled than commercial brand cigs, and fatter. :smokin: zig zags are the only joints i smoke btw. they sell...
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