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    What's the best BRAND of red-eye remover?

    THe best one is VIsine Workplace...........
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    Saving bud

    when it will look like a 3.5 and you buy another 3.5 smoke the old weed and put the new one in the jar
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    Canada: Marijuana Tolerance

    i know here in montreal nobody gives a fuck. every morning when i get off of the bus whit 20 30 strangers i smoke my joint in front of my college's doors. i think that here people really know that weed is not a dangerous thing :peace:
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    Any stoners here work out?

    i dont train myself anymore since 3 or 4 years but i have lost 20 pounds just by eating some good food :peace:
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    Joints > my anti-drug

    2.35 :eek: i pay them 1.50cd
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    Pot Petition - Sign It!

    if im canadian ? :confused:
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    Why do you smoke marijuana?

    it pass time and its very nice to be high and it dosent hurt anybody
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    Gettin' High

    yeah ......in canada.....mostly in quebec ;)
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    3 day Party starts today

    no im at montreal est
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    3 day Party starts today

    it sound like you live at montreal
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    Indoor or Outdoor?

    indoor is the best.........by soil,hydroponic or areoponic
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    Canada rocks!

    super dank oz for 120$ :D
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    QUEBEC,MONTREAL (EST)........... :p
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    quality for sure, whit my bong and 1g of dank weed make me high 3-4 times
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