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    How to use high concentration nutes?

    My flowering nutes are NPK 20-40-40,just got them,1000w hps,gave them only once,about 60% of the dose,week 3,8 week veg,what dose should I use? it was like 600-700PPM (~14-26-26):Namaste::thanks: How often would you water 5 gal pots with these nutes? I was thinking going twice a week with full...
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    Whats wrong with my plants? Please help

    I have some fungus gnats,never thought they can do such big damage so didnt take care of it before,but I don't have like many many of them,traps are up for 1 day and I got like 2 flies on every trap (5 total),I dont know what else can be,PLEASE HELP,dont know what can be...
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    Strong nutes and PPM? How to understand? Need serious help

    Ok im confused..I started flowering like 3 weeks ago,plants were veged for 10 weeks but they had alot of stress so they are like normal grow 5 weeks maybe I guess,first grow..So Anyway,week 3 flower,there wasnt much to choose in store for flowring type so I got NPK 20-40-40,5ml to 1 liter of...
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    Is it fingus gnats or spider mites?

    Ok as I understand its fungus gnats eating on leaves? On one side there fan blowing,and on far another side,I was watering today,and that place is crowded with fungus gnats ( flying ) ,Ive seen like 10 maybe or 15 max,theres small spider on the corner catching some of them too,doing some good...
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    When to start flower my Scrog?

    Guys here are pics
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    When to start flower my Scrog?

    Since I didnt get reply on my last thread I will make again.Guys Im in veg for some time,scrog,there are some new shoots when I pull them under,there is alot of new shoots i mean,little ones,should I wait for them to get mature and fill screen full with average size shoots? Or to leave those...
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    Science experiment

    Turned out to be heroin.
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    Getting it in

    You could zoom in one leave with microscope 100x times and picture it,then your whole grow would be even more visible.
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    My timer broke

    Just dont make it again.
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    Just so you know - I was wrong

    Yes pls add pics.
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    Just Wondering

    I like growing too,new experience in life,see them evolving,like a little baby :)
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    3 week old seedling - Slight yellowing - How do they look? Pics included

    Look in chart,yellowing lower leaves,you can find all in google,deficiency chart.
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    Some help with my babies

    very wide question..do everything good and you will be blessed with every strain..
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    Getting Ready for 2nd Grow

    Good luck :)
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    First grow only girl out of 6 plants!

    Looks good,better use HPS 250 not cfl....
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