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  • hI demp 5294, just thought i drop u a line. Look's like Delaware need's doctor,s BAD!! I guess thier all scared of the d.e.a. terrorist organization. NO DOCTOR'S NO PROGRAM! All we can do is sit and wait and pray.If you hear anything , drop me a line..slojoe
    I wouldn't get to excited it's probably them lining up for election year don't forget who their governor is.
    hi demp5294 , did you see the thread about new jeresy? this is a good thing, nothin certain but it said it might open in 2011.
    hi demp5294 . i sent a message to raysdad by mistake, iam just learning to send emails 59 year old computer dummey iam . delaware is such a small place i might know ya. any way it good to have a couple of friends @ 420.com.. later
    I agree, bro. Nothing like having something bad happen in the middle of a shift that was boring the heck out of ya!! Today, new guys look at me sometimes like I'm crazy! But when I figure out what they couldn't they gain respect for the old ways. I've taken up guitar too, same problem!!! Music in my head not yet reaching where it needs to!
    I was all over the place, bro! Did some work for Proctor and Gamble, up around Ceres, then mostly just all over the state of Cali, worked for a couple of electrical outfits there, for quite a while. right on, that sounds like some interesting work. I did some stuff with frito lay when they first introduced the OLEAN or whatever the hell it was called oil, lowfat chips, some yogurt stuff (gogurt?) I helped iron out the kinks in their engineering on all that stuff, was pretty cool actually. A bunch of other food and deep freeze stuff for us cold storage, etc.
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