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    How long does the smell stay on clothes? / How to get rid of the smell fast?

    Thanks for all the sensible comments! Well for starters I now try to keep an extra shirt in the car and use it when I toke up. Didn't really think the Smoke-Gone spray does really work, but I'll probably give it a try if I come across one. Oh and thanks for informing me about the hair, I...
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    How long does the smell stay on clothes? / How to get rid of the smell fast?

    Hey ya! I usually smoke half a J driving on my way to work with windows down and would take mint and spray some perfume before I do a 3-5 min walk to the office which is mostly open air (I've usually put it out 2-3 mins before I park). At this point I usually assume the smell around me isn't...
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    Rapid Home Test vs. Laboratory Equipment Test

    Thanks mate. Unfortunately the results won't be back for a week or so (its been almost a week now). I think I may have overdiluted =/ I may have went past the right quantity of liquids to drink, though I'll officially know that soon enough. Wish me luck!
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    Rapid Home Test vs. Laboratory Equipment Test

    Greetings 420ers! Has anyone got any insights on the differences of these two? Got a test coming up in two days, our urine will be collected on-site and will be sent over to a lab. What worries me is if they will be using a laboratory immunoassay equipment for the test, you know, those...
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    Macro bud shots

    Great photos, looks like bud from Avatar! :D
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    Cutting the bud from the stems

    Hello friends! Would it make any difference (aside from space) if I don't cut the bud from the stems and place the whole stalks inside the mason jar for curing? For quite some time now, I've been sticking the stalks in the jar without cutting the buds first. I'd like to know if there's any...
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    What Is This New Vapor Genie?

    Saw a scammer website that sells teh rip-off VaporGenie. I think it's called GenieVapor there, and as we all know, it's being manufactured somewhere in China. It's a health hazard especially since it's made from lead paint and guess what.. Aluminum! Stay safe! :)
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    FAQ: How to Pass a Drug Test

    Hey boys and girls! I recently ordered Quick Fix, but one thing's worrying me. My item will be shipped to the post office (not at home :( ) and I'd have to pick it up there. The sad thing is that our Customs officials here have a nasty habit of checking items before they hand it to you, usually...
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    FAQ: How to Pass a Drug Test

    Where did you get the info? Is that credible?
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    Drug Test . . .

    Hey there! Do you mind posting your height, weight, and other stuff that would be relevant to the subject? Well, to tell you frankly I don't think you'll get yourself clean that fast unless you have extremely fast metabolism. I'm also not convinced with the magic drinks around, unless some of...
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    Passing Your Urine Analysis

    Re: ~Passing Your Urine Analysis~ Greetings Fellow Tokers! It's been a while since someone has posted here, I've decided to revive the thread, since I'm a bit concerned about my own urine analysis. I've read all the threads about dilution, substitution, and the likes. I was wondering if...
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    Fire Crackers Rule

    Hey boyz, tried this out myself with just one cracker, followed pretty much all the instructions on the other thread. It's been 30 minutes and haven't felt anything yet. I'm waiting for at least an hour more before I further declare anything else. Wish me luck~
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    Will this work

    Re: Best way to... Throw in a few lettuce leaves. Just make sure you dont leave it more than 24 hours, so you wouldnt have problems with molds.
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    Keeping the smell off you?

    Basically what I do use carry mint and a hand sanitizer with me. It's like a ritual. After a smoke i take the mints and put some sanitizer on my hands. Sometimes I'd spread some on my clothes just to make sure it wont reek. The best thing you could do is give some time allowance outside and not...
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    Best way to kill the smell

    Just a question, how many times can you use one particular dryer sheet? Do you have to replace it after every session or can you use it multiple times? I'm surprised they quite cost a lot in our place! How efficient is it?
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