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  • Whats good dj!!! thanks for your inquire for BPN!!! although I am not the person to talk to about being sponsored by such a major asset to this site and its community!!! I am currently one of the sponsored grows here at :420:Mag!!! your going to want to PM Corey @ Blue Planet Nutrients or check out the website. www.blueplanetnutrients.com

    :peace2: and :goodluck: with your grow!!!
    With your cloning method using root riot plugs, you need a tray with a dome, take your cuttings and place then in the plugs and put them on the tray under the dome. Mist them twice a day it will root after a week or two. I find aero cloning is the most easiest and fastest.
    hey i dropped a plant in the plant of the month and a nug in the nug of the month, check them out and rep it up. stoked tomorrow i can start my bloom. woooot
    yeah for sure topped, only topped once though and strategically so i could have multiple tops and about the same height. make sure to check out some of my old grow picks i posted yesterday. there are some in there with my GH Sour D grows. I think u will be a bit amazed with the results. look for similar results this run, not sure how big they will get. those old Sour D's moms where in grodan for years and all the shoots where hollow. it was super nice.
    im not sure i cant seem to find a journal for ya but holy , good job these are all kush clones into 4" rckwll cubes? ...i am interested to see hoow they turn out ...love the gh products and thats a good reason why rght there ..you apparently arent new to this either . remarkable are you topping these as well ? again good grw boss
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