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  • Last saw today at 421 eh... lmao minute to find the lighter or what brotha. Lol
    bro.. can u help me figure out what I have male or females?? I'm not good at Internet stuff and I posted pics and not sure if I did it right.. I hope I don't break the rules here just need help
    Have they answered anything of the request to remove me and change it to you? I wish they would. The only other thing to fix this is to start the thread asain, and copy and repost everything that was posted. I can do that if you want to start it then after all the stuff is over there we can ask the to abandon the fist on.

    Hope is all well haven't seen you posting for a few days. I should of asked a while back my oldest son knows a guy that has composted his tea and has a big pile. Im trying to get him to take me there so I can see what is in the soil, smell it and taste it. I remembered when we had a garden grandpa used to taste the dirt. We had cattle, deer, chickens, and a cold spring. all organis. everything that got took out also got put back in and tilled up. He said you can tell the quality of dirt by tasting it. Really.
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