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  • Good Day Don Paul, I am most interested in talking to you about your breeding techniques, but unfortunately it looks like I need 50 posts to PM you some of my personal info. I will wait, thank you for your welcome!
    Hey Don.. Glad to hear your feeling better... now time to get back to being Awesome...There is a guy in your area that is trying to find nutes.. newbie grower but I put you out there to try and help a guy out.. just wanted to let you know... :)
    donp. glad to hear your getting better buddy :Namaste: hopefully your meds will be of GREAT quality for you. :Namaste:
    Hey DPP- Tried to give you reps + for the praise you gave me on [h=2]high-societys thread. It said I cant and have to spread the reps sorry[/h]Ps Im not a he. Im a she, but its hard to keep us all straight... promise you'll not be to hard on yourself for the mistake it's all cool...
    don you said you went to hps for lumins , but do you get as much floor space with a 400 hps as cfl's ? I've got 9,-23=100 watt, for 207 actual watts , and can grow 4 big plants in a 4X4 room ,and my other is 2, 65=300watt ,and 1 23=100 , for 153 actual ,and grow 2 big plants in that tent, for a total of 360 watts in both rooms , So my question is , can you grow 6 plants under a 400hps ?? I would like to know in case i decide to change also..
    looking good mate, i voted, the more people that vote the better, you got great chance most growers know you now, good luck to you mate, i dont think their would be much point in me entering cuz of where i live, the postage costs more than the products so it rules me out, but all the best mate,
    don't forget to vote in the 420 contests! i was lucky enough to get nominated for MOTM, I'm in the lead now :) I'm so amazed :) i try my best on here and that SNS really would be a GREAT HELP :)
    doesnt matter man. Please dont post location stuff on my journal, cheers don!
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