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  • Thanks for the advice. I know adding some sugar during the budding stage can help get bigger denser buds as well. I'm not really sure the measurements on that though.
    I read in someones grow Journal where you said your gf's family gets really dense buds. Do they do something in particular to get that denseness?
    hiya doc. Had a problem with the storm, a branch knocked out the power and somehow fried my computer!! Damn acts of God!! lol How goes it with you?
    hmmm, peroxide, baking soda, a sprinkle of lime
    thats all i can come up with off hand. They should look real bad about now as all the energy is hopefully goin to the roots. Mine always look 30 seconds from death, then, bam new green growth. lol good luck
    might want to toss em, i found a couple of the ww #1 had it, thought they were the only ones. I thought it was only the clones but I saw some on the mom today when looking under her dress lol. damn it!!!! sorry man. The ww#2 should be good, havent seen any on them at all.
    make it home alright? I accidently busted a 720 on my street turning the corner. My land-lady thought it was on purpose and gave me a pumpkin beer for a cookie well done. lol
    DR. I was mistaken the dead zoo is in estacada.Thats not actually what it is called,but thats what the locals call it.There was a guy from that area that hunted and collected big game animals all over the world.His collection of stuffed animals is in a resturant/bar in Estacada.Really a fastenating place if your a hunter.Of course I haven't been there for many a year,might not excist any more. do you know about Bagby hot springs in the Pinchot nat. forest.
    Aww shucks. Thanks :36::5::roorrip:. Well Doc keep up the good work with your gorgeous ladies... I hope to start my own grow some time soon.
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