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    1/4" drip line help

    I posted this a while back and it passed muster, so I don't believe I'll be stepping on anyone's toes to do it again.. I bought quite a few of their 1/2 inch fittings.. Bags of 25 are really cheap.. I live in a desert so I use drip in my outdoor garden...
  2. Dr Fish

    1/4" drip line help

    Home Depot has 2 types of 1/4" black tubing. The hard plastic is found in the evaporate cooler section.. The softer vinyl 1/4 inch is in the drip irrigation section.. It's not dead soft like the clear but is a lot softer than the hard stuff.
  3. Dr Fish

    The Caddie Shack

    I've come up with a solution for the small capacity of a Waterfarm. For less than $20 in parts, and a simple plumbing, change you can use the WFs drip ring to draw water from a remote reservoir. Thats 120 gals a days for each WF connected to the reservoir. Gravity will return the water to the...
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    Need recommendation on proper lighting for 3x3 grow tent

    A 315 watt cmh could yield a pound from a single plant in a 3x3 tent.. My Mixed hydro thread has two examples of 315-watt plants. A little over 100 days total..
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    Help 1st Timer Hydro DWC GG4 Autoflower & Soul Side-By-Side

    It's been quite a while since you posted, what's happened with the plants?
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    Desiccant packs, silica: Can it be used in soil?

    I agree put them in the oven to dry them out, then use them for what they are intended for, removing moisture.. They would be great for drying mushrooms without using heat.
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    Automated Recirculating Coco: Laughing Buddha, Barney's Farm

    Keeping your girl pulled down and redirected is exactly the right way to fill a scrog screen... Even after a couple weeks of 12/12 will have a few that you need to keep pulled down and moved out again... Just keep moving the fast ones down and out as you spot them.. For the biggest yield, fill...
  8. Dr Fish

    How I perform low stress training on my plants: Lots of pics!

    This kind of low stress reminds me of the first part of this poem... I just have a hard time seeing how that kind of plant torture is low stress... My love is rather special, she's not your usual girl. If you're into something different, then you might give this a whirl! chorus I like to tie...
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    New grower looking for opinions

    Carbon filter and recirculate with house air to save the heat.. Summer time filter and exhaust.. We know you want to grow in a tent, what method do you plan on using? Have you ever grown anything? Telling you to buy this or that light light is just one of a multitude of things you need to decide...
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    Deep water culture

    Not a bubble bucket, but Waterfarms are almost the same as buckets with 8" net pot lids. Except they use a drip ring instead of air stones.. Drip on hydroton supplies all the O2 a plant needs without adding any heat.. The another thing the dripring can do is move water from a remote reservoir...
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    Mars-Hydro DWC 1 Plant 4x4 Scrog

    I've noticed that my washed plants dry faster.. Seems like the water drying off the surface of the plant, encourages it to give up moisture faster.. Could be just my imagination..
  12. Dr Fish

    HPA design

    Look on the DIY forum.. There may be some threads there.. Just a matter of looking for them.. There's some good led build threads there..
  13. Dr Fish

    Starting water level in DWC?

    Now that i see the GH dripring, you won't have any trouble keeping the hydroton wet.. When you cut down the drip ring to fit the basket, you need to drill the same size holes in-between each of the existing holes. You also need to run your air pump 24/7, and you gain nothing running air stones...
  14. Dr Fish

    Starting water level in DWC?

    Net cup, not much of a basket, was thinking along the lines of a 6-8" basket lid for 5 gal..
  15. Dr Fish

    Starting water level in DWC?

    What size basket, how much hydroton?
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