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    Driftme's Perpetual Airpot/LED Grow

    new pictures! sorry for the lack of contrast against the background. amnesia: tahoe thunder, before and after LST:
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    Driftme's Perpetual Airpot/LED Grow

    well... internet is back =D and holy crap its fast... 94mbps down, 12.5 up..... :cheer2: unfortunately i had to erase my phone and lost some pics. here's what i was able to find. will take some more pictures today =]
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    Driftme's Perpetual Airpot/LED Grow

    Just a quick check-in. No pics for now because my Internet is down. Looking good though and I'll have a BIG update in a week
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    Driftme's Return To Hydro - Chem 4 OG - Hydro - Soil - LED - CO2

    Trimmed and in jars. Minus what I've smoked (had to have a few early tastes, I'm impatient lol) the dry weight is 26g. That's not counting the hydro. Since that was such an early harvest, I just made bho out of it. Worked out well. I'm currently super high. Great body buzz, numbed lower back...
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    Driftme's Perpetual Airpot/LED Grow

    Yea I'm excited to see how they do. Word is the Tahoe thunder is the real deal.
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    Driftme's Perpetual Airpot/LED Grow

    haha.. im not so much giving up on hydro as i am just not using it currently. for a few reasons: 1) doesnt really fit well with this perpertual thing 2) takes up a lot of space 3) this grow technically started while the hydro was still going 4) i like soil lol might try the hydro thing again in...
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