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    Aardvark's New Grow 12 Hybrid Dutch Strains - Seed-SoG-Tent - 600W CFL Hydro-Aero-DWC

    Re: Aardvark's New Grow 12 Hybrid Dutch Strains - Seed-SoG-Tent - 600W CFL Hydro-Aero BT is totally safe. I've used it for well over 30 years and have eaten a boatload of it since I spray it on my tomatoes and have a habit of eating them off the vine. I've never used the dust, harder to get...
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    Cut roots during transplanting

    Re: Cut roots during transplanting ... I root prune my long term mother plants on a regular basis, it's no big deal. DD
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    Similar plant for feeding stats?

    ^^^^^That^^^^^^ If you can grow good tomatoes, mj is a snap. DD
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    Cold weather strains for winter grow

    Below 55* or so they quit growing completely. A freeze will kill them. Nothing exists for winter grows outside unless you live in the tropics or sub tropics. DD
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    Help please someone help

    Re: ''help please someone help'' 3 tablespoons in 1 gallon!?!?? Maybe you can rinse the leaves off with plain water. Maybe. I wouldn't be all that concerned with the overwatering at this point. DD
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    Can I add bonemeal to the top?

    Figure on about a month before the bone meal breaks down enough to be available. Depends on where you're at. Still vegging, a qualified yes, in flower, kind of a waste. DD
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    Thoughts and ideas for upcoming flower time

    Re: Thoughts n ideas for upcomming flower time. Then get the Bud tone or Garden tone and call it a day. All the stuff you listed is great, but needs to be added to the initial mix it is so slow to release. Especially the rock phos and egg shells. The guano might be helped along in a tea, but...
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    Persistent Ph problem

    I quit using vermiculite over 35 years ago because of that ^^^^^^ and excessive water retention. It works great in seed starting mixes and that's about it IMO. DD
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    ph tester

    eSeasonGear FreeShipping! Find one that suits your budget. DD
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    Ph in soil?

    That's $250 for a *soil* tester. A pH pen or meter for liquids can be had for much much cheaper. A couple of things. First, trying for a target/set pH in soil is a fools errand. It will not only vary from spot to spot, but from day to day. What you want is to get it into an acceptable range...
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    Ph in soil?

    Stop right there. If that *tester* with the probes didn't cost $250+, throw it away right now. The $10-$15 testers are so inaccurate they are worse than useless. You'll be trying to correct an incorrect pH reading. The pH of any liquid added to the soil will affect the pH temporarily at best...
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    Growing your own Mycorrhizae and recycled mix

    Getting ready to start mixing up my soil as soon as it cools off a bit. Lots of sweat labor. I mix 2cf at the time (wheelbarrow full), and I need 12-14cf. 2 wheelbarrows a day is about it for me. Anybody else? DD
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    Understanding High-Brix

    Tap water is full of minerals, but in any event mineral water will never be a substitute for mineralized soil. *I* add about 4-5 cups of minerals/rock dust/cf of mix (I make my own, like a ProMix +++), in the form of lime, gypsum, Azomite, granite dust, greensand, SRP and I may be forgetting...
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    18/6 or 24 for veg phase?

    Re: 18/6 or 24 for veg phase??? I do a 18/6, but whatever allows you to sleep good at night will be fine. It's all personal preference in the end. DD
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    Brix related question regarding calcium

    Calcitic lime, AKA 'garden lime', 'agricultural lime' = calcium carbonate. DD
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