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    curly fan leaves

    the fan leaves are curling under, any ideas?
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    when can you clone?

    When is the best time to clone? I germinated July 22, got roots July 26th. planted in rockwool, same day, got sprouts on July 28th, I have 2 strains going, the PK is doing much better than the WW right now, the PK have a second tier of leaves breaking through, the WW appear to be developing much...
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    will this work?

    My plan is to use 4 plastic tubs,(16"highx21"longx17.5"wide) I have cut 4 holes in each tub lid (5"holes) center of 1 hole to another hole is center is 7"s , the solution required is 15 US gallons for 1 container, I have 2 air lines going through the handle of the tub to aerate the solution that...
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