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    Storing marijuana

    Man, I always use plastic. Thanks for this informative post. I'll switch to glass soon! :)
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    Favorite edible?

    I only know one edible: brownies. :)
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    Dumped because you smoke weed?

    Don't worry hipchick, you will meet stoner girls and boys in college! Oh, I must add, my boyfriend's stoner pals don't like me. They call me "junkie girl" behind my back when they haven't even seen me blaze. That was the last straw. I stopped being their friend from then on. Who needs losers anyway?
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    Time For Change In Kentucky?

    Although I am not from Kentucky, I personally think that it's a great thing that states are finally getting open minded about legalizing marijuana. It's a about time!
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    Things I Do When I'm Stoned

    I usually eat a lot. My ex boyfriend used to make fun of me whenever I'm stoned because I eat twice or thrice as much as I normally eat when I'm stoned. Then of course I sleep. Sometimes I tend to get the negative vibes so I just shut up and sleep but most of the time, I just think of happy...
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    Colorado May Set Limits For Driving After Marijuana Use

    It's reasonable for the state to issue driving limits. I can't seem to concentrate in driving when I'm stoned but that's just me. I have low tolerance in MJ but I know a lot of friends who can smoke and drive safely. I guess it's just a case to case basis. For the good of all the citizens, I...
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    The Feds Are Addicted to Pot - Even If You Aren't

    Yes, the media is circulating negative reviews about cannabis. It's a good thing forums like 420magazine sticks with the facts rather than accusations about the drug.
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    Damn panic disorder

    I don't suffer from panic attacks but it's good to know that MJ helps relieve the attacks. Weed really has a lot of benefits.
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    Why do you smoke weed?

    What an excellent question. So, why do we smoke weed? I don't know how, why and what made me start smoking weed. Maybe it's because of peer pressure or I was just being curious. One thing is for certain, it keeps me sane. It keeps my creative juices flowing. Weed is my recreational drug both to...
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    Best things to do while stoned

    Watch a movie at home with some friends who are quite as stoned as you. It'll be hilarious!
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    Dumped because you smoke weed?

    I wasn't really dumped because of smoking because everybody knows I smoke weed here. I think it's a major turn off for other men. I don't really understand it. I mean, people who smoke weed don't like stoners as a partner while people who don't smoke weed prefer being with stoners. I guess...
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    Marijuana Myths

    Why do others tell all these lies about Marijuana? People should be informed of its medical uses.
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    Do you find it shocking that clergy love cannabis?

    The problem is, everyone wants to keep it a secret when the truth is, almost everyone's smoking weed nowadays.
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    Raids Ignore Public Will

    yes, I feel you man. :rollit:
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