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    Lemon Kush

    thanks junior. good advise im about a month into it looking good so far ill try to keep ya posted.
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    Help Needed - Yellow leaf!

    ok i have changed my mind it now looks to me to be a mag def. maybe try cal-mag or ebsom salt.
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    GreenChromes First Grow, Bag Seed Kush, Soil, Flourescents Only - 2010-2011

    Re: GreenChromes first grow, Bagseed Kush, Soil, Flourescents only. 2010-2011 i believe the goal for ventalation is to empty the air in the room at least 3 times a minute. and i know a 150cfm fan can empty a 2/5/5 room (50 cubic feet) 3 times a minute,so figure your cubic feet and use this...
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    Help Needed - Yellow leaf!

    been out for a few days but i agree with social smoker, i like to leaf feed but water only for me pot burns to easy in my opinion to leaf feed with nutes, keep in mind i have heard of people doing this and if you feel this is the answer mix very weak. good luck.
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    Clone only?

    so to be clear if you stress a female clone to produse pollen it will only make fem seeds. can i get some more info on how to this process plz. thanks for your time.
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    Clone only?

    would all the seeds show hermaph traits?
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    Help Needed - Yellow leaf!

    give them a couple of days, if it was nute burn you should see a change starting. If not nute burn maybe N defiecency?
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    Do you need some good seeds

    heard emeryseeds was out of business. got raided by dea.
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    Tnoldons Indoor Lemon Skunk Grow (Poor Man's Grow)

    how far away do you keep your lights from your plants?
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    hello new member and grower just wanting to say hi

    Hi everyone. Im excided to be here, a new grower with lots to learn. At this point not comfortable saying were im from, but maybe at a later date. My current grow one plant lemon kush. Thanks for taking time to read my intro, would love to get some info on the strain im growing, please feel...
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    Lemon Kush

    i got a seed from a bag i was told was lemon kush, how could i be sure. It did have a faint lemon taste almost resembling lemon cake, with a strong long lasting high. uplifting not down high.
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