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    Photos, Soil, Mars Hydro Grow

    You have a lux meter? If so I'd probably be shooting for about 40k lux to keep the stretching down.
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    Growing Without Bloom Nutes By Farside05

    Actually they are right on schedule. The schedule is by days, not weeks, and it's a best case scenario for fast growing plants. These things are rocket ships so far. The Tent Chcken is not hormone free. He's all jacked up and passing his powers to the plants.
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    Growing Without Bloom Nutes By Farside05

    Day 14 Fed them a half gallon each 3/3/3. I'll probably top them Thursday or Friday. The Purple Lemonades are outgrowing the Strawberry Cheesecakes by a bit. Haven't grown any of Seedsman's genetics before but so far so good. Better than a lot if the runt autos I've had from Sweet Seeds.
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    Blue Dream'matic Comparison Auto Grow Super Soil Vs Promix+ Megacrop With LSD-25 Auto On The Side

    I'm seeing some curling of the serrated edges of your leaves. Is this what you mean by hooking leaf tips? That would most likely point to environmental issues like high heat or high humidity. Low humidity you'll get the curled edges and the leaf folds in half like a taco too. If they are...
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    InTheShed Grows Autos & Photos, Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    I might be good at spreadsheets, but you're the flowchart guru.
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    Making your own Silica supplement aka Faux-Tekt

    Mine might be more like 1mm thick and the liquid goes clear. Shake and it's cloudy and no sediment on the bottom.
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    Making your own Silica supplement aka Faux-Tekt

    I get a very fine layer of sediment on the bottom of my storage jar after it sits. Like you say, a good shake before use and it goes back into suspension.
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    Growing Without Bloom Nutes By Farside05

    Day 13 No ill effects from increased nutes or light intensity.
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