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    Constant feeding soil mixes?

    read up on organic soil. yeah i've wondered that also, it seems you can just throw in all sorts of composted stuff ie worm castings,bat guano, etc into the mix (be weary of ph though) and just feed water all the way through. maybe have to add sum supplementary things like foliar feeds.
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    Closet Grow Box, Few Questions

    you're best bet would probably be cfl's then in that sort of space. but i have seen hps's in tighter spaces...
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    Closet Grow Box, Few Questions

    sorry forgive me for i am stoned. what i meant to ask was, what are the dimensions of the box you'll be growing in? you said you're closet is 4ft wide and 6ft high so i automatically assumed you'd be using the whole closet.
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    T5HO or HPS?

    so 10 soft whites 3k's (or 2700s) and 2 daylights? still looking into it but just for reference you know?
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    T5HO or HPS?

    alright that sounds cool. so should they be just the soft whites? or maybe a mixed spectrum? maybe some 6500k bulbs and some 3000k bulbs. but which ones do i use? the daytime, full spectrum or what are we talking here?
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    T5HO or HPS?

    what sorts of cfl's boss? i've been a fan of the cfl's they're so energy efficient but i hear they can accumulate heat. i plan on doing a 2x2x3 box(something like that). and have like 4 plants or so at a time. i've followed at you're grow (very nice might i add :]) and i've been thinking about...
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    T5HO or HPS?

    Okay so i'm thinking of constructing a growbox and i'm trying to decide on lights. dimensions of the box i want to say are going to be around 26-28"l x 23"w x 3ft h give or take a couple inches. but i'm also possibly leaning more on a 250w hps with a cooltube reflector for less heat. probably...
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    HTG Supply VS Cheap Grow Lights

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    Rough Idea

    SO i'm thinking of possibly building a growbox one of these months and i've decided to go with t5 High output lighting for veg and flowering. here's a rough sketch of it, comments advice anyting would be great.
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    HTG Supply VS Cheap Grow Lights

    well i would love to pay the CHEAP price of only $15 to buy some 2ft 4bulb tek-light t5 grow light system with 54w bulbs (5,000 lumens). 2 actually one blue spectrum one red spectrum for veg and flower chamber but i really need some info, tried contacting em, nothing. any help please...
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    Flourescent lighting

    mmmm, yes. i don't plan on getting this system anymore, i'm going to order 2 units (2ft bulbs). they put out virtually no heat.
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    HTG Supply VS Cheap Grow Lights

    okay i've hear that htg is very reliable, discreet and top quality. but i'm also very tight on budget so what do you guys think?
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    Just wondering....please help!

    Re: just wondering....please help!! okay very much appreciated:rasta:
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    Does anyone know where i can find the overgrow strainguide?

    because i can't really find it. if someone could just post a link that would be awesome!! thanks once again:peace:
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