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  • Welcome to :420: in the search bar at the topof the screen. Search blue Angel 2019 or even just my name in the member slot.
    Good afternoon to all you wonderful 420'ers ... as always I have been reading loads on here and learning immense knowledge, now putting the knowledge I have gained to put into practice, along the way so far I have hit a few bumps but nothing to serious as yet. It's so exciting watching things grow any how, I have a question to pose upon the wealth of peeps here, here's my info......
    600 w led 18/6
    6" carbon extraction set up
    Cupboard temp 26-31°c
    RH 50-64%
    14" pot with soil medium
    9lt well (water level in tub) 23°c ph 6.1
    Watering now every 6hrs, so 4 times a day at 25 mins each interval (starting to drink a bit now) fresh tubs now every 3-4 Days also. Running a feeding regime of 50ml/9ltr which is 100% recommended recipe for the nutrients im using (power feed veg NPK- 14 : 1.4 : 8 ) and things are really lush and green
    atm heaps of laterals and very very bushy, very happy with results so far...
    Plus miscellaneous things, fan, watering pump, and filtering pump, just to churn, no filter as such and helps with oxygen input back into water...um I think that's about it.....

    My question:
    Why aren't my girls reaching? To help understand more.....
    My cupboard is 64" high inside.
    Filling that I have my light hanging pretty much attached as high as possible to the roof, so roof to bottom of light is 9", floor to top of pot is 15".
    That being said I have roughly 40" of grow space, after 5 weeks in veg in cupboard ( I did originally crack them a month earlier outside, then after a month of outside, my cupboard was finished...so decided to just put a pot in with 3 girls of unknown species and see how it went ) so yeah that's how it all kinda happened and came together . But they're not growing up much I would've thought to see more height by now, I haven't uploaded a pic before but I'm going to try so you can see where I'm at. .... the light is 32" from the top of my 8" - 9" high girls, am wanting to go another 2 weeks max before turning in flower cycle. Please, any input would greatly be appreciated to my first time grow. Thanks for stopping in and reading, looking forwards to reading some replies
    Fourthree out!
    My suggestion to you, is to start a grow journal. My signature doesn’t shoe in this board but if you find my journal or anywhere I posted you can find link in my signature on how to start a journal. Asking here will get you help yes, because here I am, but the answer is start a journal, and ask questions there :thumb: Your light could be too far away if your plants are stretching.
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