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    Was I duped?

    Hey guys, I bought a few seeds from Nirvana shop a few years ago, maybe 2009. I ordered Aurora indica seeds. I was always fascinated by a pure indica plant seeing that I was used to growing mostly hybrids in my country. Unfortunately the plants never came to bearing flowers due to...
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    Investors Anxious As Oregonians Again Vote On Marijuana

    Can you believe in this day and age. A sin tax ... gotta be kidding me. I have a Christian aunt who is itching for this legislation to invest a ton in Oregon. These governments are joking. Medicine which promotes well-being, can't kill you, can't OD. This plant makes me believe in the devil, cuz...
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    Hey guys

    The original FrassBaxx here from beautiful Jamaica. I had a profile here a few years ago, when the color of the forum was green. I learnt almost everything about marijuana here. Ganja is more than just a medicine to me. Its the only natural remedy I have for hangovers which convinced me to stop...
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