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    SCROG Question

    Do a search for Icemud, this guy done a load of scrog grows in the early years 2010 + ? we are going back several years tho before the bro went into led growing with lots of different panels. I don't think he is around anymore & ended up in some pro grow medical lab some where in cali.
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    Leaf Blotches

    Mmm, could well be bleaching from the LED panel you said you had a Mars Hydro 1000w. The safe hanging distance due to intensity of light could be of question. Do not jump on the most common idea when all facts are not answered :thumb:
  3. Fuzzy Duck

    Yellow during flower stage

    Well the Op did say his PH was OK... Perhaps we could be looking at some form of nutrient burn with the outer margins of the leaf's yellowing, Mmm hardly classic NB but some strains do react differently from text box methods. The above chart should get your imaginantion fluids going...
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    Lights Out Smell?

    Well, well... An average numptie like meh... would say, ya suppose to run the extraction fan 24/7 sweetie :thumb: Mmm age of carbon filter... ye they get old & it might be time to replace it ? Some thing to do with RH or Relative Humidity effecting the special ingredient over time, I'm sure...
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    2 Plants 1 Tent?

    Ah 2 tents, perpetual style should do the job nicely. Well it would appear a tad problem as you could be growing different strains which may have different growth habits from each other in veg / flowering & expected stretch - but some form of plant training could be used. Ya got tiny tent 60...
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    Mmm, mega crop available in the UK ! Ye I read some stuff about this...
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    First time grower

    Quality of led panel & suitable hanging distance is off question ? Also genetics as they do not all grow the same... some are more airy or fluffy whilst others appear way to small but are super dense. If these are the generic photo period fem seeds it is more likely not worth counting the...
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    Yellow leafing

    Well the tent is going to get rammed once flipped to flower in less ya got a bigger flower tent up your sleeve... With most inert growing mediums you need to apply nutrients every watering at the correct PH level which I suspect you doing but due to size of growth & the need of nutrients it may...
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    I'm a Biobizz fan soil 'n'' nutrients the complete package a part from some of the new range of nutrient supplements ! How ever between light mix & all mix is purely EC rating or preloaded nutrients in the blend which may last a few to several weeks at best. I have always used all mix with out...
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    SOG Help

    SoG from seed you will experience phenotypes which may mean they do not all grow even. A clone from a strain grown with growth habits observed will help dial in the veg period to expected stretch you might experience in the first few weeks of flowering, obviously the small the plant the lower...
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    How Long After Topping Can I Top Again?

    As Pennywise said ^ Ye at least another node beyond the new growth :green_heart: This may prolong veg time but over the course of time may enhance yield over other training or growing methods.
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    Carbon filter recycle air?

    At the moment this is a No Brainer :cough: As you are recycling dead air so to speak... which has a temperature & how do you think this going to effect you grow conditions ? Yes what ever you have chosen for lighting may give off some heat ya gonna pump this through ya tent 24/7 not so cool...
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    Power interruptions

    On occasion I still use the perfect pipe, I'm still a little bit old school with pure herb combustion even tho I prefer to vape these days. I think that little pipe has it part to play & the story shall be told.
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    Power interruptions

    If in a remote area a generator should be ok. So some sort of city etc some where... ? Well that is a different ball game & it would depend on how often this happens as some parts of world do not have 24/7 electricity.
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    Power interruptions

    eR ARE people bored they have to dredge up 2013 posts.... ye typo at the beginning I see !
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