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    Quality drying and curing how to?

    Hi, So the stage we were all waiting for is upon us at last: But my quastion is, how to dry properly? I cut down 2 nodes, hung them in a dark room with reletevly dry and about 70F hot, it took it something like 3 days to go from the above to this: The second bud is not the one...
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    Is it flush & harvest time?

    So we are almoast a the end of the 8th week, these are supposed to be samples from the MK: Tell me what you think, i guess 1 week to harvest, the strangest thing happened, last few days it looks like the buds really started to develop and produce new pistils, weird, its ike it was shocked...
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    Is it flush & harvest time?

    Thanks for the advice guys, the slight nute burn and and some amber trics i saw in other examination made my mind i flushed it today, adn gonna give them 1-2 weeks untill i see 90% cloudy trics. 1st grow, mix nirvana Master Kush & White Widow, cant tell wich is wich.
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    Is it flush & harvest time?

    Hi all, 2 out of 3 of my girls look like they might be ready for their last flush before harvest, currently starting week 7 of flower, i expect to give them plain water for 2 weeks after the flush, btw should i PH the water or 7-7.5 is OK in the last period?: here's a pic of a cut leaf...
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    Mid-Flower stage tempratures and feeding

    I have a quastion regarding defolation, i took off some low big fan leaves on the end of week 2, and i keep on reading these different thumb rules on when to defolate, can any one recomend a solid proof tested way on when to chop and how much fan leaves should i leave and where?
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    Mid-Flower stage tempratures and feeding

    So i managed to get the temps down to a steady 80F and the Humidity to 40%, summer is coming and i live in a hot country i guess there is no much i can do about it. I've managed to upload some photos, please take a lok and coment i'm looking for eedback: Overview: The sicker plant...
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