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    Deficiency or nute burn?

    Hi guys, would greatly appreciate it if you could diagnose my poor baby. I'm inclined to think that this is a deficiency due to PH lockout. I have been feeding her, but I discovered yesterday that I have been using water below 6.0 :S (don't ask why). The problem started on the upper...
  2. Growing painz

    Growing painz

    My plant has a problem :(
  3. Growing painz

    Growing painz

    My plant has a problem :(
  4. Growing painz

    Growing painz

    My plant has a problem :(
  5. Growing painz

    Growing painz

    My plant has a problem :(
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    First Timer! Small Spaces, Big Hopes!

    Jesus. I thought you said small spaces? How many plants do you have altogether now? Props on the Deep Water Culture setup, I've been keen to give it a try after reading Roseman's info. Is it as easy as you said it is?
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    Some questions about environment

    Thanks Bud, great answers. What about airflow during the dark cycle?
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    Some questions about environment

    I have a very small closet grow going on and I'm finding it hard to track down info on lighting and ventilation for small operations. How important is airflow for a couple of plants? I've read everything from, 24 - hour airflow is crucial to "opening the closet a couple times a day will...
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    Odor control under $50!

    I'm very interested in this, I only have a couple of plants and little room for a carbon filter.
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    problem with seedling's initial leaves

    Would be grateful for some guidance here. Leaf surface is basically dying and revealing the skeleton. Seems like something is eating away at it? What should I do?:)
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    First Closet Grow :)

    Shame about the hermie. I'm about to grow some Ice myself soon and would have liked to have seen how it turned out.
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    When and how you should feed your soil based plants

    Thanks for this, I have subscribed and will use the method on my next grow!
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    European supplier for quality CFLs

    Well it looks like the CFLs widely available in Europe have none of the juicy goodness necessary for vegging plants. Anyone know a UK or Euro supplier for lights with 6500k with high lumens and watts? Plenty of cool and warm bulbs, though... might have to stick with a combination of those...
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    Looking for a short, stocky and potent strain

    Thanks for that. Can I basically grow a plant as short as I need it indoors? Do I even need to worry about height when choosing a strain?
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    Seed choice help please!

    Hi dude, I'm in a similar boat to you. The height of my grow space is 2ft 4ins. Subscribed!
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