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    Gelato Autos just in veg: leaves on one plant not doing too well

    @Delps8 , before I give my opinion I want you to know I grow outdoor in soil, so my assumption is based on that experience. My first thought was calcium def. Usually I've noticed the upper leaves the plant are effected first.
  2. garybo

    Multi strain perpetual grow

    You are so right about your analogy of different strains is like a box of chocolates. I usually put around 10 - 15 plants which makes up 5 or 6 different strains every year, and then there are the freebee's to get rid of as well. Thanks for the chat
  3. garybo

    PH issues

    @ Kapncannabis, you really need to provide a little more info. How old, what size pots they in, outdoor/indoor, are the plants showing any malady signs? Help us out now.
  4. garybo

    First grow is in the mason jar

    @Old g , I can see the buds are glistening from your pictures without a magnifying glass, with one they must look like diamonds. My saliva glands are dripping just looking at those buds. Thanks for sharing.
  5. garybo

    Little but mighty

    Whatever she is, you have to be super excited waiting for the chance to inhale her aroma. Looks like an indica, she may put on the couch, beware....lol
  6. garybo

    Multi strain perpetual grow

    @Gabby987 , man you have the fever! You are so engulfed in growing a great crop, hook, line and sinker. LOL. Beautiful grow.
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    Black pistils after foliage spray

    Thanks @Krissi1982 , personally I think the problem my plants had was rot, not mold. There never was a smell or the slimy feel of moisture, just dead portions of the bud. I separated the infected strain from the other girls, must have been too late, some still became infected. The interesting...
  8. garybo

    Black pistils after foliage spray

    Krissi, please elaborate; as to what to use when looking at it (microscope?), and what exactly is one looking for? Obviously mycology is not my trait. Thanks
  9. garybo

    What causes not many trichomes on buds

    I'm sure you will find the answer to your request, but first it will help to provide some info such as medium, food, strain of plant, indoor/outdoor...if possible provide a picture or two.
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    Hello from Va first indoor dirt grow

    Your in the right place, this forum has several outdoor growers and most will assist you in any way. First, get the right soil to grow in and learn how to keep it healthy. Once you decide which food/nutes to go with, follow the manufacturer's recommendations. As an outdoor grower, I've found my...
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    Automated Recirculating Coco: Laughing Buddha, Barney's Farm

    Impressive yield for an auto.
  12. garybo

    Automated Recirculating Coco: Laughing Buddha, Barney's Farm

    Very impressive setup you have designed there @ElDoctore. Quite obvious a lot of thought and planning went into such a complex system, at least it looks complex to me, an outdoor grower. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing your updated progress.
  13. garybo

    Help needed

    @sneekymofo , you crack me up. "just watchmaking……" Yes I had to google horologist, the definition is "One who practices or is skilled in horology", so I had to look up horology, "Horology is the study of the measurement of time". Pretty cool. My great uncle was a farmer.
  14. garybo

    Horizontal growing

    Yummy, I bet those buds will be boss tasting.
  15. garybo

    Does this fertilizer cause salt built-up

    On my 4th year using mega crop and have never had any problems with either salt or lockout, at least to my knowledge. Having said that and using the EC (electrical conductivity) method of feeding, I find myself feeding the ladies less than what the manufacturer suggests. Also I grow in soil...
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