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    HSO Lost Coast Hashplant - One Plant 2 Lights One Love

    Late but Subbed can't wait to see this 1:)
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    LED - just a little teaser

    AH my bad! I just can't wait I wanna see the LED's in action as I'm in the market for 1 an having a really hard time deciding on 1 LED at the moment cause there is so many out there right now. I look forward to when you put up the link ill be there.
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    LED - just a little teaser

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    Curso's True High Brix! Featuring DocBud's True High Brix Kit

    Hi Curso, I have read many journals of yours an the Docs. for a long time now an I have to say great work by both you guys! I have learned a lot here on 420Mag so keep up the good work.
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    Mars II 1600! Super Monster Scrog Pounder

    You have some very nice setups going! I'm kinda new an late to a lot these newer grows but I'm subbed now. + Reps
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    Greek Outdoor Grow - Femes & Auto Fems - 2014

    Very nice auto you got!
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    LadyGreenthum's First Grow - OG Kush - 600W Top Feed

    Subbed an in for the ride!
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    Spimp's 150W HPS Bubba Kush Grow - New & Improved with Less Ghetto!

    re: Spimp's 150W HPS Bubba Kush Grow - New & Improved with Less Ghetto! Looking good!
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    2nd Grow - CFL's - Exodus Cheese - LST/SCROG - Advice Always Welcome!

    Re: 2nd grow. CFL's, Exodus Cheese, lst/scrog, advice always welcome! Subbed!
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    SweetLeef's Gone Muy Loco! Tijuana EbbnFlow - 4 Autos in Supersoil

    Nice Pics an I like the close ups good idea!
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