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    How much do you smoke?

    This question get asked alot and every time I answer my number gets lower as my quality get better. I am still smoking on purple #1 from last year, and I go through about 1/4 of that a week. My indoor weed consist of a maui, and da purps, I make sure to only smoke an 1/8 of each of those a week...
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    420 Magazine's Nug of the Month Contest: May 2008

    Re: May NUG of the Month Contest! ^There always is!
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    My 420 Buds

    what can i say that all the other have not, beautiful, but you knew that lol
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    Im Back!

    I was wondering what happened to you!! Good to see your well
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    Can anyone identify this by any chance?

    looks like some mids
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    I feel ya bro
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    master kush is my biggest indoor yielder to date
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    for the price i would pay for an ounce of real kush ($500 dollars my neck of the woods), would buy me a half pound of mids, assuming if i was in the bud buying market I would go with the 1/2 pound for sure cause i have to stay smoking
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    Comment by 'GeorgiaToker' in media 'P5140047'

    looks good bro
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    Get out your calculators....

    ounce a week for 9 years bout 27 pounds, and it was all free lol
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    Soil Vs Hydro

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    Whats your fave strain and why?

    I used to grow a strain that I recieved as a freebie from an online seedbank labeled mendocino, it was bred my someone on one of the many online forums that struck a deal with the seedbank, so but anyway it was a pure indica that had a distinctive fish smell and had a menthol like after taste...
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    Marijuana + Women

    I remember the days when I was a free man lol...Honey I'm sorry if you are reading this!!!
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    Best Book To Buy On Growing Bud

    I agree totally, but i had a mentor in the family who taught me everything I know
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