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  • Hahahaha yewwwwww YEWWWW BEST DAY OF THE YEAR LAD.. FIRST DAY FLOWER SIGHTS YEWWWW gave the girls a trim if nearly got a bin full off cuts ..all leaf I don’t like to throw any parts of the plants away besides the roots.. it as we all now minimal thc so I give it all to the missus to make low grade cookies for the oldies hahahaha they don’t like the punch witch suits me fine I’ll keep the punch haha

    so happy lolz I could do jumpn jacks lmao is it normal to get this excited do you guys get this excited the first sight of flower for the outdoor year haha I swear it doesn’t matter how many years u grow that sight is a great sight lol
    So as I’ve said in previous posts I’m new to coco ..not growing though but I was incarcerated for some time so by the time I got out of prison doing the old tub over tub clay balls recirculating system was pretty much done for well not done for..I now a few ol school growers who swear by the ol school ways say that dwc came from there system and so on and so on haha but the level of science and progress the scene has made since I was last growing wow..I don’t even now what to say I’m constantly researching and it’s just never ending lol also I’m really really enjoying the coco it’s great I started off With normal feeds because I was new to it but now if introduced quite an aggressive feed regime and the plants are just lappimg up that nutrients there absolutly thriving wich is obviously good lolz but yeah coco wow spot on..I wanna try dwc system in the near future I think I might build my own single stacker pots to give them a run and see how that goes ....I’m curious does anyone have wacky builds,cool builds like out of the norm I wanna build a derive wheel planter for next years outdoor I think ITL be way cool to have a pot ferice wheel hahahahaha

    keen on getting ideas for future grow builds haha I’m no thief thou just want some insperation :cool: :cool::cool:
    Morning guys I hope everybody’s well today :)no pics or entries today it’s not needed the girls are sitting pretty and no changes to report so no entries today I might surf around take a look at so,e different threads and that see what growers are up to :hookah:
    You now I’m quickly coming to the sad realisation that there’s a lot of growers out there on forums like this one this one not this one.. that just give people a hard time and troll like gooses..
    im pretty confident in my growing capabilities but there are plenty of new up and comers that would get disheartened by a fuck Wit on a troll run..and let’s be real at the end of the day half these twats couldn’t grow a fucken if you are a new grower do t take these fuck heads seriously they have no clue..take in opinions and be confident in the decision you make non of us are right we all have our own tricks and take it slow and you’ll find your tricks and ways too :hookah:
    Just send out an alert when someone's being a prick to a newbie and we'll all roll on them
    Dan Dark
    Sorry you have had this kind of experience here. I have not and will stand with you - what @MackMurder said.
    Now this is the attitude growers should have...good form guys..I just think it’s not fair haha we all started somewhere and I kinda feel for these guys and girls that put themselves out by asking questions they now might make them look a bit silly but they do it anyways coz they want to learn and then to get given a hard’s just bad form

    but I will say this I HAVENT SEEN ANY OF THIS going on on this forum and that’s a major plus well done guys
    2 fruit tingles and an unknown in flower room day 1
    so keep in mind this is my first coco run..and the first run on fruit tingles I vegged them for 60 days they stacked up a bit but they’ll stretch outI’ve got near 20tops on one where as the other I had to go easy coz I had a bad split early on...but yeah day 1 there happy..I’m about to defoliate then again around day 21 ..23 wel see how they go..there just on base nutes 1260ppm a feed one feed a day to get rid of of salt build ups from the previous feed..
    so yeah there goen well...I only just joined 420m so I’ll do a journal on the next girls I’ll still throw up progress pics thou
    My next batch of lovely ladies sitten pretty while the flower room does it’s thing with the fruit tingles and unknown...
    3 modern warfare’s
    5 fruit tingle clones
    under a 600 watt dimable ..set to 400watt with a m.h bulb..there as happy as a pig in shit
    believe it or not this is the back of my toilet lol conned the missus into a lil veg room hahahaha took some time but we compromised lol
    So I’ve had a look around...I’m impressedI’m on roll it up but I’ll be hounest I don’t appreciate all the gooses that give the new growers a hard time or plainly be smart assses where all here to be apart of something share our lifestyle with like minded people and to gain knowledge so what’s the point...better to help one an other ...and share in the spoils haha growing weed isn’t about money or rep well not in my opinion yeah I’m glad I found 420 mag you people rock✌️
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