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    Wonder Woman
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    Wonder Woman sitting under WW canopy
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    GreenThunder 4x4 Tent

    I did get a little overly aggressive with pruning the CPK and ended up with 2 clones, from branches bigger than I would have taken. With tough love, they managed to not only survive but also grow roots!! They both have 2 tops! I think I'll push the limits and see how much I can...
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    420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: August 2019

    I'll submit my Jack Herer nug. Flowering began in May (3rd week, I think) and harvested July 13. She's still curing but has a beautiful taste already. I grow in coco, bottom feeding with the lucas formula plus calmag and flowering supplements
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    Jack Herer
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    What's in a name

    This reminds me of this story (kinda fits the topic, I think) My grandmother was visiting from out of town for my HS graduation. When my mom couldn't stand it anymore, she escaped to the 2nd floor for an attitude adjustment. The only thing my grandmother said about it, once mom rejoined us...
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    GreenThunder 4x4 Tent

    Here is a list of my recently harvested strains, with dates: Chemdog June 16 Blubbery Auto June 22 Dark Devil Auto June 29 Purps clone July 7 and 13 Jack Herer July 13 and 20 Sweet CBD Auto July 30 It’s the first time I’ve had this many strains in jars; and the first time the harvesting was...
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    GreenThunder 4x4 Tent

    Shed, I've been sharing what you thought me!! It's been a lot of fun, and very rewarding, to be coaching a couple of guys locally and another virtually. I tried the scrog a couple times but I really prefer LST and supercropping. Here are a few branches I've used to demonstrate This...
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    GreenThunder 4x4 Tent

    GT Tent is full... Wonder Woman WW and her 2 clones Amnesia Haze Critical Purple Kush Group shot (wide angle)
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    GreenThunder 4x4 Tent

    It's true, most of it will not. BUT I finally did what I've always meant to do.... stashed a pint jar full for curing :yummy: Also, I've rid myself of the high-use/low-return partner so curing will become a regular play of the GT operations!! :ganjamon: Yesterday I celebrated my own personal...
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    Octopot Adventures: A Community Exploration

    If I may, I recommend using fresh hydroton in the wick. I'm not saying you're not, just sharing my experience in hopes it saves someone else the headache. I got springtails from reusing hydroton and even though it's among the more favorable of pests, it wasn't much fun.
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    GreenThunder 4x4 Tent

    Things have been smooth in the GT tent this spring. We currently have BBA and Chemdog in jars and Dark Devil auto in the dry rack. Tried a sample branch last week and all I can say is YUMMY!! She gave 682.6g at harvest; I'll estimate ~6oz dry. ******** Next to be chopped will be The...
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    Mars Hydro High Quality Grow Tent Giveaway 2019.06

    I want Mars Hydro Grow tents, coz I'm about to split up with my bf and he'll most likely take 'our' tent because he paid for it. :rolleyes:
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    GreenThunder 4x4 Tent

    I often ask hubby, as we puff a delicious bowl... is this our stuff? The ask is not necessary because 'our stuff' is all we have :yummy: I can remember when homegrown was far less desirable :laugh2:
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    Octopot Adventures: A Community Exploration

    Now why didn't I think of that?! :hmmmm: :19:
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