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  • Beginner grower, had a couple of grows under my belt many years ago. Giving it a go this time with modern tech and latest products.
    Currently working on the set up, keeping rather small most standards.
    Always open to suggestions and comments.
    I'd go with soil.
    If you bottle feed I'd use 5+ gallon FABRIC pots.
    If 100% Living Organic soil you need 15+ gallon FABRIC pots.

    If indoor need at least 200 real watts from the wall in new LED per plant.
    Make sure you use enough aeration in the soil, at least 30% of the soil should be in the form of pumice, rice hulls and precharged biochar or similar.
    If you get your soil right then it virtually grows itself.

    For me personally the easiest grow is only 2 plants, large 25 gallon fabric pots, LOS and SCROG.
    Two plants in large pots are easy to take care of, you can concentrate on the LST and SCROG and let the soil do all the rest.
    Hey welcome to 420!!
    Thanks Nunya,
    I am currently awaiting my seeds to arrive but this is my set up that I am putting through trial runs:

    Soil - FF Ocean
    nutes- FF trio
    Smart pots 3 ga.
    Grow tent 2x3x5 (I have space constraints hence the 3 Ga pots) 3 passive ports, and 3 ports (two at top one on lower bottom)
    2 450W LED
    6 inch clip on fan inside
    AC infinity 6" inline fan with Carbon filter
    Ipower 4" inline fan with Carbon filter (more about this below)

    Due to the small constraints, I am going to do LST technique,

    Now about the fans, I went with a 4" 150 CFM because I thought it should be good enough but my temps in the tent are way too high. 80+.
    So i went with a AC infinity 6" with 450 CFM. (waiting for its arrival in a couple days). Outside the tent the temps are 70-74.

    I am hoping the new fan will be able to pull out the heat. Worst case I can run both the 6 In and use the 4 inch to force cooler air in at the bottom. Open to suggestions.
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