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  • Growing Garlic Sherbert thanks @MagicJim. Weird thing is the leaves on this thing are huge. Its in week 4 of veg and the stems are like pencils, it doesnt want to be LST'd. The fan leaves are almost as big as the 3ga pot. I have never seen anything like this and my afghan that I am growing along side is doing the same thing. The only thing I changed from my grow process was less perlite. Instead of 30% perlite, like usual, I opted for 10%. The result is staggering. I cannot imagine the less perlite is causing this unusual growth. Will the buds get large like the leaves? Only time will tell. Here is a picture of the GS.
    So I did a bit of self research, and discovered the following info graphic. Based on this info graphic my girls are considered within the extreme Ph as range as exhibited here:
    Now that being said, I think this is a definite problem that i have but I do not think I am going to do anything about it. Here's why:
    These plants are in their second week of life. Based on the nutrients that are already in the soil where the Ph is balanced around 6.3.
    The Extreme Ph graphic would indicate that the plant is either under/over fed. Since I have not fed these plants other than what is in the soil. This means the plants are currently overfed. This makes me suspect that the roots have not made significant progress to the soil just yet. Therefore being "overfed". There is zero chance that these ladies have used up the nutes in the soil within 2 weeks. Unlikely. So my plan is to keep the course. Let the plant work her way through it until her roots are fully engaged in the soil....

    This is my hypothesis:lot-o-toke:... If y'all think I have smoked too much and reconsider my plan please please let me know. :ganjamon:
    Latest entry of my journal grow.
    Day 11
    Early evening day 10 I gave the girls a full water. To the point run off was achieved.

    So this morning I check on the girls, and note:
    Average temps 77.5 degrees
    RH: 52% (due to the full water no less)

    So this is where I need some guidance and let me know if I should adjust:

    Water combination of rain/tap. PH is always tested on both. NO NUTES ADDED TO WATER
    The water sometimes is 6.3 but generally 6.6.
    Tap water is adjusted down to an avg PH of 6.5 - 6.6.
    This morning got me thinking....

    What is the PH of the water in the run off? So I decided to test the run off here are the results:

    SS - "Lass" - Run off PH 5.6
    BB- "Runt" - Run off PH 5.3
    SS - "Sassy" - Run off PH 5.4
    BB - "Karen" - Run off PH 5.4

    Now can someone tell me what this means? Is it good? Is it bad? Can someone provide me with an explanation in your response?

    8/25 - Checked on the sprouts that I dropped in the Rapid rooter, "Sassy" the Super Skunk popped its head out still wearing its seed as a helmet. Gonna let it do its thing and see what happens. The blueberries that sprouted has not made its debut so it has been placed in the doom with the two others. Nothing from the other two.
    Here is a shot of my girl with her helmet on. She seems to be pretty aggressive little grower! :kiss:
    8/24 - Got bit nervous when I woke up on 8/23 to find out that my blueberries seed and Super skunk did nothing. After a 14 hour soak the seeds did not sprout. I then transferred to the paper towel and placed it on my router. Feeling nervous, i took two more seeds ( one of each) and placed them in the rapid rooter and into a dome. This morning I checked the seeds on the paper towel, and lo and behold, the beans sprouted :yahoo: :cheer: . Ever so careful, those sprouts were placed in a rapid rooter. I suppose the little guys were jet lagged from the trip from the Netherlands.

    Now, I do realize that I may just be impatient, but the seeds did not look too mature, so I was a bit skeptical when i did not see the tap root after 24 hours. Hence the second set of seeds.

    Now I suppose this may be a good problem, but my grow tent is small.. Likely only being able to handle 2 plants a time. IF all 4 sprout, Houston we have a problem. I supposed I would just do away with the tent and use the entire room for the grow if all fails.

    Its about to get interesting folks... Once the my girls, are born, I will post a pick and provide the latest on the grow situation.

    Puff Puff Pass my friends. :bongrip::420:
    So I was delayed in putting the seeds in their first water soak, because I had to do other crap. Anyways, got them in Their Bath. 8/22~ We have Blueberries on the left and Super Skunk on the right. Picked up numerous strains from High Supplies. I bit cheaper than the others but I had to wait a spell coming from the Netherlands. Hopefully by morning we will have something and in the rapid rooter they'll go.

    Here we go. :bongrip:
    So my seeds finally came! :thumb::cheer::yahoo: .
    With all the issues with the postal service I am glad I order a lot!
    I have Wedding Cake, Purple Power, Super Skunk, Blueberries, Afghan. I decided to grow only 2 plants at a time to ease back into it.

    I elected to go with Super Skunk and Blueberries. They take their water soak tonight.
    Beginner grower, had a couple of grows under my belt many years ago. Giving it a go this time with modern tech and latest products.
    Currently working on the set up, keeping rather small most standards.
    Always open to suggestions and comments.
    I'd go with soil.
    If you bottle feed I'd use 5+ gallon FABRIC pots.
    If 100% Living Organic soil you need 15+ gallon FABRIC pots.

    If indoor need at least 200 real watts from the wall in new LED per plant.
    Make sure you use enough aeration in the soil, at least 30% of the soil should be in the form of pumice, rice hulls and precharged biochar or similar.
    If you get your soil right then it virtually grows itself.

    For me personally the easiest grow is only 2 plants, large 25 gallon fabric pots, LOS and SCROG.
    Two plants in large pots are easy to take care of, you can concentrate on the LST and SCROG and let the soil do all the rest.
    Hey welcome to 420!!
    Thanks Nunya,
    I am currently awaiting my seeds to arrive but this is my set up that I am putting through trial runs:

    Soil - FF Ocean
    nutes- FF trio
    Smart pots 3 ga.
    Grow tent 2x3x5 (I have space constraints hence the 3 Ga pots) 3 passive ports, and 3 ports (two at top one on lower bottom)
    2 450W LED
    6 inch clip on fan inside
    AC infinity 6" inline fan with Carbon filter
    Ipower 4" inline fan with Carbon filter (more about this below)

    Due to the small constraints, I am going to do LST technique,

    Now about the fans, I went with a 4" 150 CFM because I thought it should be good enough but my temps in the tent are way too high. 80+.
    So i went with a AC infinity 6" with 450 CFM. (waiting for its arrival in a couple days). Outside the tent the temps are 70-74.

    I am hoping the new fan will be able to pull out the heat. Worst case I can run both the 6 In and use the 4 inch to force cooler air in at the bottom. Open to suggestions.
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