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    Critical Cheese Auto
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    Is this deficiency or lockout?

    Thanks man! Really appreciate your help! By the way I think with this post I just reached the 50 post limit to be able to send PMs!
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    Is this deficiency or lockout?

    It’s amazing how there is always someone to open my eyes about something. I didn’t even think how difficult and interesting could be to grow cannabis. I mean difficult for rookies like me. It never came to my mind that I can check ppm for medium, I thought this is only for hydro. And of course...
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    Is this deficiency or lockout?

    Ok so I use Canna Calcium and Magnesium, they are in separated bottles and I mix 2ml from each. I don’t know what the concentration of the products is and if the ratio in the end is correct. How did you calculate the ppm from seeing only the N-P-K? Why would I have burnt tips if the plant looks...
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    Is this deficiency or lockout?

    Hey man, I have the N-P-K values of all the products I use, here you go: Fish Mix NPK 5-3-4 5% nitrogen -1% amoniacal -0.4% nitrate -3.6% organic nitrogen 1% phosphorus 4% potassium Bio-Bloom: NPK 2-7-4 Nitrogen 1.9%...
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    Is this deficiency or lockout?

    Hey man, I the soil definitely gets hot. I’m going to get a cooking thermometer tonight and will see how much exactly but I felt it very warm. Do you think that white spray will work or should be normal paint? My only problem with the painting right now is that it stinks and I don’t want to...
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    Is this deficiency or lockout?

    Hey man, yes I check every time when I feed. I have checked a runoff once and it was exactly the same as the water I poured. I also did a slurry and the ph was 5.9.
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    Is this deficiency or lockout?

    I have already fed the plants twice with ph 5.8. And those problems started appearing in the past 2-3 days. I give the maximum recommended dose of calcium and magnesium. And the maximum amount of nutes given from the manufacturer. For both of them. I can’t wrap my head around that why the plants...
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    Is this deficiency or lockout?

    Hi @Hdinkleman, @Emilya, Sorry to bother again guys, but after I’ve changed the ph to 5.8 the plants started having more problems. The first 4 pictures are from an Blueberry auto that is in the same medium and I switched the ph to 5.8 from 6.5. It started getting some spots. The images with the...
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    Leaf miners, eggs and a weird looking thing

    Oh no I just checked what mealybug is. These creatures almost killed one of the bushes in the garden, they have built their nests almost fully covering the branches of the bush with white cottony material. And after that the branches completely dry and die. If that on the image are the eggs of...
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