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    no it really is hitlers b-day, not while we celebrate it, maybe thats what the popos claim lol. theres a whole thread in here describing what 420 is about, dont feel like finding link, just search forums & put 420.
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    did i get riped off?

    Lol, i guess its not too bad here in the midwest, 30$ gets you around 5-6grams, its just mids & thats all you can get but 20$ can get you 5g if its not a dry spell, if you get 40$ you can get a 1/4 (i know, 1/4s are 7g) hooked up from 7-9g
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    Drugs are bad

    Re: Drugs are bad, Here, Take these pills Its called icognitive discidence, people have been brainwashed "pot-bad durrr" & their extremely reluctant to change thier view on that because thatll require them to change the entire way they think. And on top of that theyve recently been brainwashed...
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    DEA Permit to grow pot

    Would you really expect anything diffrent from a government who can only comprehend "pot = bad, SAVE LIVES!! arrest ppl!!" to understand & excell in the complexities of growing marijuana?
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    I am still waiting for the day....

    Very true, reagan said something like that as his reasoning for running, yet he escalated the war on drugs to new hieghts.
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    I am still waiting for the day....

    I dont mind a hefty tax, the government has the right to tax us & id prefer to have my money going to road projects,schooling,medicaide & that stuff instead of violent gangs & shit. However they DONT have the right to prohibit a substance that people choose to use in a consentual act. Id like to...
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    weed experts.I have some questions!

    Re: weed experts...I have some questions! Yea, the person who was inhead of the burua of narcotics was testifying to congress to pass the marijuna tax stamp act & he said something like "marijuana can easily be associated with jazz culture,negroe society, & mexicans, it makes white women seek...
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    Back To Prohibition Approach

    Shit, i remember in middleschool i had more hook ups then i do now, it was literally easier to get weed then lighters & we actually had problems on a few occasions of having weed with nothing to light it. But, in all seriousness, prohibition is a very effective deterant against minors use...
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    Eat On This.

    Shadows are just a lack of light because your body or the object is blocking the light source..... not that mystical lol
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    Ridiculous punishments

    Re: rediculous punishments Not cruel i admit but id say its an unusuall form of punishment which is why i caps unusual
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    Industrial Hemp To Receive Hearing In California Assembly

    You heard it californians!!! start writing/calling!!
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    Ridiculous punishments

    Re: rediculous punishments Isnt there some sort of amendment against cruel & UNUSUAL punishments, o well, judges, cops & poloticians dont have to obey the law, only us evil stoners....
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    Rhode Island Legalizes Medicinal MJ

    That norml site is a little out of date though, i was reading about my state there (missouri) & it had some extremely harsh laws so i spent 4 hours writing an extremely convincing letter to my governer, then the next day i was reading news on the site that was about debate for no penalties at...
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    Rhode Island Legalizes Medicinal MJ

    Fuckin sweet!!! i remember reading on NORML that they were going to vote on it today, i was wondering how that went.
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    Thatd be so funny if a cop just happens to browse this site for some dumb cop reason & reads this thread,"OMG, why are all these hopeless druggies lecturing someone about ciggerettes?"
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